I have sat down for 10 minutes to add a few more photographs to my album for my Memory Photo Project. Here are some more memories I wanted to share with you. All of these photos came out of the November-December 2012 folders – this was when I was organised with the photos! Little Man would have been around 3-12 weeks. This photo makes me giggle, I remember G taking ages setting up the camera on our mantle piece so we could take a family photo. As you can see Little Man wasn’t impressed as he’s having a good cry… View Post

Yesterday I felt myself and Little Man needed to get out of the house, I have Mondays and Tuesdays at home with Little Man and we had stayed in all day Monday. We have a park on our estate and I decided we would walk there. One problem, it was cold, freezing in fact and Little Man has recently decided he is allergic to wearing hats, wellies and gloves so the prospect of getting him ready for our walk did not fill me with glee. I tried the ‘lets be completely normal approach’ – “do you want to put your… View Post

Before I start this post, I don’t claim to know anything about post-natal anxiety from a medical background, I just wanted to tell you about my experiences. 26th January 2012 was the day that I found out I was pregnant. I have wanted to be a Mummy since I can remember, I loved having a career but in my heart of hearts having a family of my own was the most important thing to me. I enjoyed pregnancy (as much as you can) and like many other Mums had quite a difficult birth but we all came out of it… View Post

In a blog post yesterday I told you about my plan to trawl through the thousands photos I have taken since Little Man came into our lives with the aim to make a photo album of all the most special photos for us to look through as a family. I started this morning and I promised I would share some so here’s a couple I found today.   Of course a very special photo is our first scan picture of our little man. This was such a special day for so many reasons, we had been trying for a baby… View Post

If I were to ask my parents for a baby photo or two of myself as a baby then they would climb into the loft whip out a few photo albums and we would sit and look at them. Easy. At the moment, if Little Man were to ask me the same thing I would pull out the laptop, tablet or phone and we would scroll through the numerous photos I take every day, some are perfect, some however are blurry or pictures of the floor that have been taken by accident! There is something lovely about sitting down with… View Post