I love this quote. It is one I have to remember sometimes. I’ll be back next Monday with posts galore; I just need a bit of writing time and a bit of breathing space. A few evenings to myself with social media switched off…well I’ll try anyway!! In my day job I take annual leave but as a blogger I sometimes forget to so I’m taking my evenings off for this week! If you fancy a mooch around the blog, click here and see what takes your fancy. Also pop over to my Instagram as when I said I would… View Post

I have been nominated by the lovely Sarah over at Run, Jump, Scrap (if you haven’t visited her blog before, pop over, it’s a good one!!) for the Sisterhood of the World Award. I love a tag style post like these, mainly because I love reading random bits of information about people!!  So I shall go ahead and answer Sarah’s questions. If you want to know about more about how this post works, scroll down to the bottom where you find the rules!!     How did you come across reading my blog? I think I found Sarah via Twitter… View Post

My blog is one years old today! I find it crazy to think I have been doing this for a year now. I will let you into a secret, I am faddy. I get really into a hobby for a few weeks and then that’s it. I lose interest and start something else. This is one of the reasons I am so proud of my blog and what I have achieved. I have stuck at it and that is an achievement in itself. I started my blog to get things out of my very busy mind. At the time I… View Post

Welcome to my From My Bookshelf series, you can read more about it here. In a nutshell the point of this series is for me to put my Librarian hat on and share with you the books that I have been reading. I already share my favourite stories for little ones in my Bedtime Story of the Month series but this series will focus on the books that I read for pleasure (I love a good chick-lit) and the teen/young adult books I read for work. I have a genuine love of reading and I cannot tell you how important it is… View Post

Welcome to my new series for 2015 – From My Bookshelf. As I have mentioned in previous posts my other job is as a School Librarian. I am a fully fledged professionally qualified Librarian; always trying to quash the stereotypical ideas of Librarians (FYI I don’t wear a twin set, I don’t spend all day putting books in order or stamping them). I read a lot and although I already share my favourite books for kids on the blog with my Bedtime Story of the Month series I wanted to share a bit more of my reading world with you.… View Post