The Easter holidays are either already happening for you or they start at the end of the week like ours. If you happen to get any quiet time over the Easter break I thought I would share with you some lovely egg themed books to share with the kids. They are great for a topical bedtime story or just for a different book to read. We all know how annoying it can be when you’ve read the same book a million times over so it is always nice to update your bookshelf. So let’s get started.   Spots First Easter… View Post

I love reading, I don’t get enough to time to do it nowadays but I would still put it at the top of my things I love to do list. I love that feeling of getting so lost in a story you can’t wait to get back to the book after you have put it down. I love that it is true escapism and can teach you so much too. I have loved reading since I was very little when my Mum took me to the Library every week. I was that kid that you would find curled up somewhere… View Post

This year I really wanted to write my book based posts as childrens books was my career before this and I love them! There are just so many great stories out there to share with your kids. With Mothers Day on Sunday I thought I would share my top 5 picture books to read with your kids on Mothers Day. They would also be great as a little extra Mothers Day gift. So let’s get started. The Mummy Shop by Abie Longstaff This wasn’t a book I was familiar with until recently, it was a library find. Little Man and… View Post

This will hopefully be the start of many more children’s book posts from me. Children’s books are my thing. Before I decided to do this blogging thing full time my job was as a School Librarian and have celebrated many World Book Days over the year. World Book Day doesn’t just mean costume stresses the night before it is about bringing together children and families and reading together. It is about encouraging a love of reading in our kids and sharing stories together. World Book Day is the 1st Mach this year so just a few days to go now.… View Post

Up until a few weeks ago I was a school librarian so as you can well imagine books are my thing! When Bookabees got in touch I was thrilled. Bookabees are a subscription book company and I just love what they do. Every month your child has a new box of books delivered, it’s handpicked for them so it’s a great way of engaging them and encouraging them to read.. You then hold onto the books for up to 2 months and either return them or purchase them for a 50% discount. It’s like a subscription box book shop and… View Post