The summer holidays are nearly over and it’s time to start thinking about getting the kids back to school. This year I can’t wait to see Little Man heading off into Year 1 as he enjoyed last year so much. However last year I was a worried mess, wondering how he was going to cope. Being a new school mum can be pretty daunting too; there is a lot to remember, think about and keep up with along with making sure that your little one is happy and enjoying school. There are a few things which I wish I had… View Post

For this years summer holiday we decided to go for familiarity. We had visited the Parkdean site Ruda in Croyde, Devon twice last year and completely fell in love with the area. We did look at other options of places to go but we couldn’t resist going back this year. As a family we are big fans of UK caravan holidays. They aren’t for everyone but for us they are perfect. Little Man especially loves staying in a caravan and as a family we love Devon and Cornwall. We have visited quite a few Parkdean holiday parks now and they… View Post

Dear Heidi, I have just written your sisters 2nd birthday letter and now it’s time for yours. As I sat down to write this the familiar physical ache appeared in my chest. I think it’s my heart hurting, my heart letting me know that there is a piece of it missing. I still don’t have the words to describe how it feels to have lost you. How after getting used to having twins and being frightened of it but then having it ripped away from you can be the most debilitating feeling. How grief can be felt physically and how… View Post

Dear Little Lady, It’s your 2nd birthday! Oh it’s gone so fast. I feel like I’ve blinked and you’re 2. Two years ago I was meeting you and your sister for the first time. You looked so tiny in your incubator, there was barely any part of you that didn’t have some sort of wire attached to you. Right at that moment when I stroked your tiny hand I knew you were a fighter, a true warrior and you have proved me right. Your first year was all about getting you better, making sure you survived your early delivery but… View Post

11 months ago I sat in the car having a little cry that I had lost my little boy to school. I had read lots of things to say that once they go to school you lose them a little bit, that they won’t be your little one anymore. I was so proud that morning after watching him go in with no tears and looking so excited to start his new adventures, pushing his nerves to the side. 11 months on and I’m writing this the night before his last day of Reception. And those things I read were right.… View Post