So Mothers Day is nearly upon us and the adverts are everywhere. I find Mothers Day a bit of a bittersweet day as I would love to have all 3 of my kids with me but I am so grateful to be spending it with the 2 I have here with me. It sounds like a cliche but I really don’t need presents. My babies are everything to me and it’s nice to have a day that is about being their Mummy in a positive way and not just focusing on the daily grind of motherhood. If I’m being honest… View Post

Trigger Warning – Contains references to baby loss. A couple of days ago I posted on Instagram about my lack of body confidence. I got an amazing reaction from it; lovely comments and some really touching private messages from women telling me how they felt too. As I said in the post, I don’t normally talk about this sort of stuff. I know nothing about fashion or make up. I see so many amazing womens posts about body confidence and how they have accepted their body for whatever reason. A lot of the ladies that I follow are Mums so… View Post

Ah the sick day before kids. It would start with waking up feeling rubbish, realising that in fact the cold I thought I had was more in the realms of flu. I would pick up my phone, call work and roll back over in bed. I would be feeling rubbish, yes but knowing I didn’t have to move from my sick bed was nice. Around 10am I would get up to see how I felt. Maybe I would venture downstairs for a drink, some meds and to raid the snack cupboard. Realising that This Morning was just about to start… View Post

This isn’t my normal type of post. I keep my ranting to myself because frankly I’m sweary and not very pretty when I do it but a couple of things have happened this week that have spurred me on to write this post. Yesterday, I got trolled. I have had it happen to me once before but to be honest it always shocks me when it happens. I see a lot of the bigger bloggers and vloggers sharing horrific comments that they get and often count myself lucky that I am small enough to not get noticed avoid the trolls. Well… View Post

We went out on Saturday night without the kids. This is something that happens only a few times a year. I am used to being tucked up in bed by 9pm after 5am starts and sometimes it can just feel like too much effort to start getting ready at 7pm. 7pm usually means PJ time not heels time. However once my second wind kicked in and my make up was on it was really nice to leave the kids sleeping soundly and get out. There was good food, good company and although admittedly I was flagging by 10pm I really… View Post