I posted a while ago a post about pasta play that my Mum had done with Little Man. She visits us every Monday and with her background in pre school education often comes armed with cardboard boxes and cut out pictures. Little Man loves doing these activities with her. Last week she had the idea of doing an autumn box with Little Man, based on the idea of having an autumn table at nursery. She used to run a playgroup and often did this for each season. I thought I would share it with you as Little Man really enjoyed it.… View Post

As we walked out of nursery last week, the Manager handed me a letter as she often does. I didn’t look at it until I got in the car and as I read it the familiar Mummy wobble feeling descended. The annual trip for Hedgehogs & Lambs will be…. it read. Oh my! I was not expecting that! Is my boy really old enough to go on a trip?! A full blown sit on a coach, walk around a farm without me fully fledged trip?! Yes, it seems he is. It is in October so Little Man will have just turned… View Post

I detest food shopping. Food shopping with a toddler is a race against time. How long will it be before he wants to get out of the trolley? How long will it be before he thinks that hide and seek is a fun game to play? And how long till he goes into complete melt down because he can’t decide which over priced magazine he wants this week? However, before I had Little Man I wasn’t very keen on food shopping either. Shopping with a husband was a nightmare. How long before he decides that he wants to buy the… View Post

I last wrote about potty training about 4 weeks ago. I was finding it a bit testing after an intense week in the house going hardcore potty training. However, I can report success!! We are three sticker charts down, completely dry in the day with wees and we have even had a few wees out and about. Little Man is most definitely getting there. I am in no way qualified to dish out advice and I know there is already so much information out here on the Internet. However, my one bit advice would be consistency. Little Man has worn… View Post

It is the beginning of September. The days where lots and lots of little people have embarked on their new school life. I have 2 years till Little Man starts school, he will be nearly 5 by then. I can’t wait to take photos of him in his new uniform looking super cute. I will take them, coo over them and then put them onto Facebook for all of our friends and family to coo over too…at least I think they will. I have noticed the last few days a few Facebook friends moaning about the back to school photos… View Post