Potty training is here. I tried once before a couple of months ago and it was apparent very quickly that Little Man was not ready. It had been in the back of my mind to start again so the weekend before last we took Little Man to Babies R Us to choose his own potty. He had decided he didn’t like the nice lime green Ikea potties we already had – toddler logic for you! This was my first mistake. He chose the all singing, all dancing Lightening McQueen (from the film Cars for anyone who doesn’t have a… View Post

I had a conversation with my Mum the other day about Little Man having a doll. He has always been into cars, planes, trains…you get the idea but I wondered if he would like a doll to play with too. Mum told me that she had my old doll in the loft, she would dig it out, clean him up and bring it over to save me buying one if Little Man wasn’t interested. I have fond memories of this doll. It was one of the big ones that were everywhere in the early 90s. I remember my Nan buying… View Post

Thank you to the lovely Sarah over at Run, Jump, Scrap for nominating me for the ‘I’m the Mum who…’ tag. Pop over to see her post here and have a read of the rest of her blog, it’s fab! I love reading and writing posts like this as they delve a little deeper into our personalities. So let’s get started. I am the Mum who… Loves planning out my little boys outfits & treats it slightly like a dressing up game. Sometimes needs a break. Sings songs to my boy all day (he even sings back now!) Worries I am not… View Post

Weaning Little Man was easy, he loved his food. In fact, weaning was one of the things I worried about. I’m not a very good cook so I was concerned that I would find it difficult to introduce new foods and flavours to him confidently. However, it was all fine. Little Man up until about 6 months ago was a star eater. People would comment on how well he would eat, how good he was sat at a table and how they wished their child would eat like mine. I smugly nodded and smiled and thanked my lucky stars he… View Post

I started writing my blog just after Little Man turned 2 so I haven’t really touched on Little Man the baby! I thought I would start with sharing 5 things I couldn’t have done without when I had a newborn. Here we go. Ewan the Sheep – We purchased a Ewan at the Baby Show before Little Man was born. I was skeptical I have to admit but we used it from the get go. It was perfect for getting Little Man off to sleep especially after a night feed. It even helped to get me back off to sleep… View Post