Before having Little Man when I went out for a meal with G or with friends it was a very relaxed affair; I would spend an hour or two choosing an outfit for a start. I would even manage a pair of heels. My face would be made up and we would sink 3 courses of food, a couple of glasses of wine and talk! Blissful. Then I had a baby. Sorry, I shall re-word that. Then I had a toddler. One that could move around a restaurant, shout very loudly and generally not be the most well behaved dinner… View Post

Recently there have been quite a few rainy days which has put my plans of sunny picnics in the park to bed for the day. I’m not a fan of staying in the house all day so I have been forced to think of out of the house but not outdoor rainy day activities this spring. Crafts, crafts and more craft – I’m not known for my crafty ways but we have a craft box and Pinterest often provides some much needed inspiration. Cutting and sticking, stickers, playdough, the list goes on. Toddlers love getting messy so I grit my… View Post

I have just sat down to write some blog posts. It is one of my two days off work that I have a week and it is 1pm. ‘Thanks for the background’ I hear you say. 1pm is no ordinary time in my day. 1pm is nap time. A blissful hour of time for me. The time I run around the house for the first fifteen minutes tidying up scraps of lunch, folding washing and loading the dishwasher. Then I sit down, I open my laptop and I write. Little Man is two and a half and I realise I… View Post

Last weeks blog post from my Dad was very popular so I thought I would share one other piece of writing from him. This time it is a poem which he added on to the bottom of his email to me last week. I hope you enjoy it, I think it is rather sweet and funny.   Come on Little Man It’s time to play Ok Grandad I’ll choose today!   Come on Grandad Lets race, ready steady GO Oh no Little Man I’m far too slow!   Come on Grandad Lets climb that tree Oh no Little Man my… View Post

I have suffered from bloggers block a bit this weekend. It is probably the first time since I have started blogging that I have sat down at Little Man’s naptime, opened up a new post and not had a clue what to write. This week has been uneventful. Little Man has had an infection which has required antibiotics so has not been in the best of moods due to the side effects of said antibiotics. When I have weeks like this, I don’t get a lot of inspiration for posts. There are no exciting trips to the farm or humorous… View Post