Last weeks blog post from my Dad was very popular so I thought I would share one other piece of writing from him. This time it is a poem which he added on to the bottom of his email to me last week. I hope you enjoy it, I think it is rather sweet and funny.   Come on Little Man It’s time to play Ok Grandad I’ll choose today!   Come on Grandad Lets race, ready steady GO Oh no Little Man I’m far too slow!   Come on Grandad Lets climb that tree Oh no Little Man my… View Post

I have suffered from bloggers block a bit this weekend. It is probably the first time since I have started blogging that I have sat down at Little Man’s naptime, opened up a new post and not had a clue what to write. This week has been uneventful. Little Man has had an infection which has required antibiotics so has not been in the best of moods due to the side effects of said antibiotics. When I have weeks like this, I don’t get a lot of inspiration for posts. There are no exciting trips to the farm or humorous… View Post

Welcome back to my Parenting Hack series. I love things that can make my life a bit easier and that is what this series is all about. I want to talk today about online grocery shopping and what a god-send it is. Let me take you back before I had Little Man. Grocery shopping would be a relaxed affair, I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it but I was in no rush, I could saunter down the aisles picking up what I wanted and stand in queues till the cows came home. Now let me bring you to the now, the… View Post

Welcome to my series based around parenting hacks. I love a good parenting hack, not because I am lazy or because I can’t be bothered to do activities with Little Man. I love them because sometimes things need doing and sometimes my toddler ‘helping’ me is not at all useful. My first parenting hack post is all about Cbeebies and why I am a fan. I know, I know if we put our toddlers in front of the screen too much, their eyes will turn square – I think Little Man would quite suit square eyes but that’s not the point. We… View Post

Welcome to The Literal Toddler & Other Stories/Dramas. It is no secret that I think toddlers are awesome, I am loving this stage with Little Man. He is funny, cute, loving and, well, downright confusing. Okay, so I’ll admit; they’re not always awesome. Sometimes Little Man grinds my gears and sometimes I haven’t got a clue what he wants to hear. However, when you look back after the toddler related drama; sometimes it’s rather funny. Here are a few things that have happened lately which have made me giggle – inside you understand, I giggled inside for most of them… View Post