I am on my second maternity leave now and although it started in a rather unconventional way with lots of hospital visits we are now in the midst of ‘normal’ maternity leave. However it is quite different this time round than it was when I had my first baby. I asked a couple of friends who are on maternity leave with number two or have recently been on it what they thought too. Here are our 5 reasons why maternity leave is different second time round. No more PJ days – Now my eldest is in preschool there are no more… View Post

*TRIGGER WARNING* Dear Little Angel, It’s Christmas time. At the end of this week myself, your Daddy, your big brother and your twin sister will be settling down in front of the Christmas tree opening presents. It’ll be a happy day; that’s really important to me this year. Your brother hasn’t had an easy year and I really want this to be a special Christmas for him. Please Little Angel, don’t think I have forgotten you though; my missing piece. I planned matching Christmas pudding outfits for you and your sister. A photo opportunity to bring out on your 18th… View Post

So many lovely people on social media have been asking how the Little Lady is doing so I thought I would do a little update. On the 3rd October we finally bought Little Lady home after 9 weeks in hospital. She was supposed to come home the week before but ended up being rushed to a neighboring hospital for a hernia operation. Thankfully that was nice and straightforward. Little Lady is now four and half months actual age and 9 weeks corrected. I didn’t really understand the difference in the ages before having a prem baby but they are so… View Post

When it comes to baking my Mum is an expert. She has amazing skills and what she can’t make out of icing isn’t worth making! One of the things she and Little Man love to do together is bake so when I Just Love It sent us some baking equipment I knew my Mum would be in her element. I Just Love It are a personalised gift company. I am a huge fan of personalised gifts; I love to make something that bit extra special and  I Just Love It did not disappoint. As it’s coming up to Christmas my… View Post

If you are a regular reader you may recall my post 5 Things that Happened at the Nursery Nativity when Little Man striped to his pants and sulked about not wanting to do it. One year on and he has moved from nursery to pre-school. When the script came with his lines and songs for the nativity I have to say I did wonder what I would be faced with on show day! In a non traditional role as a spaceman he was very proud of his role and getting the chance to sing about visiting the moon in his… View Post