On Saturday I wrote an Instagram post about how different my Saturday nights were now. No more hours of getting ready for a night out but instead cosy cuddles with the kids and early nights ready for the 5am wake up the following Monday. It got me thinking that Christmas was a similar thing. Our Christmas Days were all about food and relaxing and rubbish TV. Now they are about putting batteries in toys and an early wake up because Santa’s been. I love the changes of my Saturday nights and I love the changes of our Christmas times too.… View Post

Ahh the moment when you get the text from school to say it’s shut due to snow. Great, you think, we will have the most lovely snow day together. You don’t have to rush around in the morning and there is no need to de-ice the car. Perfect. The kids are happy, you are happy. Bring on the snow day! Here are my 5 stages of a snow day. Fresh snow has landed overnight and after a slow start to the day the kids get togged up and head out into the garden to build snowmen and to throw snowballs… View Post

This is the first of my Christmas gift guide posts on the run up to Christmas. I have put together a list of 10 books that I think would be lovely in a Christmas Eve box this year. Christmas Eve boxes are quite a big thing now and they usually include a book or two to share together on Christmas Eve.  I love reading a good Christmas story to the kids on the run up to Christmas. So lets get started. Mog’s Christmas  – Mog was a firm favourite of mine when I was a little girl and last year I… View Post

I have been doing the school run for a couple of months now and with a baby in tow too have had my fair shares of running out of the door, running into school, running pack with his lunch box. We’ve all been there right? Since going from doing the school run 2 days a week to every day I have had to sort myself out a routine otherwise I think the stress levels were about to send me a funny shade of purple. My boy is a good boy and most of the time does what I ask but… View Post

Being a parent is a tough old job. There is no instruction manual that comes with that precious bundle that is thrust in your arms; you are just expected to know what to do. Once you have one stage sorted out, the next stage starts. It’s relentless, tough and the most rewarding thing you will ever do. I have a lot of Mum friends with children of lots of different ages and the one thing I have noticed that they all do, me included is give themselves a hard time. We never feel like we are doing quite enough. It’s… View Post