If you follow my social media accounts you will probably have noticed I’m having a bit of re-jig. This blog isn’t going anywhere but it will be more focused on mental health, NICU and baby loss (there is a new blog coming soon for all things routine too so keep your eyes peeled for that), three things that have changed my life in the past 6 years. To reflect that I have a new strap line for Mummy in Training; finding my new normal.  Have you ever noticed the little ‘HS’ in the cloud just for my little Heidi? Anyway, I… View Post

As most of you know I am suffer with anxiety. For a long time I thought it would be something that the pills would fix and that would be that. The pills have helped hugely; they have helped me to think more clearly and manage my anxiety. However, for whatever reason anxiety is still a part of my life and I have come to the point where I have accepted that it probably always will be. So, instead of trying to cure myself, I am spending more time focusing on how to give myself as many anxiety free days as… View Post

Anxiety a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. That is the official definition of the word anxiety and I think it’s pretty spot on but it is also quite a weak definition when it comes to mental health. Feeling nervous and a bit uneasy is very different to the feeling of a full on anxiety attack. They happen differently for everyone but for me they start with me feeling like my legs are going numb, my breathing quickens and I suddenly feel very alone with my thoughts. I can be in a room full… View Post

Today is my 33rd birthday and although not a milestone birthday it has become a bit of a personal milestone this year. This time last year I was sat in my pyjamas all day, not because of my love of pj’s but because I didn’t want to face the day. It was my 32nd birthday and I could not have cared less. I was in the depths of anxiety, possible depression and most definitely grief. I had huge physical symptoms from my anxiety that day too. I couldn’t see straight because I was so dizzy from the hyperventilating. I had… View Post

So the summer holidays are on their way and with them brings very little time for us parents. However, the phrase You cant pour from an empty cup is still as true as ever and looking after yourself is still paramount to giving your kids the summer you want to give them. If like me, self care and time by yourself is super important for your mental health and to be the best mum you can be then self care becomes even more significant. As I am facing a summer of a lot less time to get myself too I have… View Post