I have had a couple of people recently message me on Instagram about their loved ones having anxiety and not knowing how to help them. When you suffer from anxiety it can completely overtake your life and it can become a very lonely experience. Having people around you that will support you and talk to you is one of the most important parts of steps to recovery. I know I wouldn’t have got where I am now in my recovery journey without good people around me. If you have never suffered from anxiety it can be hard to understand what… View Post

If you have seen my Instagram stories this week you will know I have had quite the week. Theres been an A&E trip, sickness bugs and broken cars so this week I am sharing the lovely Georgia’s guest post. She is bravely sharing her thoughts and feelings about her post natal depression. Lets talk PND because nobody really wants to.  When I had Luna I was in this perfect little baby bubble and absolutely nothing could burst it. She was the perfect textbook baby; sleeping through by 5 weeks. She was so content and was honestly a dream. Fast forward… View Post

As a blogger I spend a lot of time on social media but as someone who suffers with anxiety I do wonder sometimes if it is good or bad for me. The main platform I spend time on is Instagram and of course with Instagram comes the idea of the Insta-perfect life. However I’m not sure that is how Instagram is for me because of who I choose to follow. I enjoy following pretty Instagram accounts as much as the next person but generally I follow the more ‘real life’ accounts and because I’m a mum most of those accounts… View Post

For my last post for Maternal Mental Health Matters Week I am doing a collaboration with the wonderful Lucy from the blog Mrs H’s Favourite Things. We have both had quite the journey with our mental health and we are both Mummy’s too. We know how important it is to look after yourself when you are suffering with your mental health especially when you’re a Mum. It is not just important to look after yourself, not only when you are feeling low but also when you are doing okay because it is often when we stop looking after ourselves that… View Post

This week I am focusing on maternal mental health for Maternal Mental Health Matters Week. I talk as openly as I can about my own story and my experiences with anxiety but today I am handing over to Karis from the blog Two x Twenty Five. Speaking out about our mental health struggles is brave whether we do it on a platform like this one or speaking to our nearest and dearest. This is Karis’ story. Maternal Mental Health is a subject very close to my heart. As an anxiety sufferer and a mother myself I am pleased to share… View Post