This week is Maternal Mental Health Matters week and hopefully the Internet will be going mad with people talking about it. I want to talk about it too, in fact I do talk about it quite a lot but so many people still don’t. Over the week I will be sharing some mental health related posts from me and other Mums too. To kick us off here’s why I think maternal mental health really does matter. According to the Maternal Mental Health Alliance ‘More than 1 in 10 women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or within the first year… View Post

How the weather can affect anxiety may seem a bit of a random title for a blog post but stick with me. Some people are affected by the weather in really negative ways like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) however this isn’t what I suffer from. I love warm cosy winter evenings, under a blanket listening to the rain outside. I actually quite like the winter months but they do affect my anxiety. Little Man was born in October 2012 and the winter that followed that month was a harsh one. There was a lot of snow and I was a… View Post

One thing I have learnt since having anxiety is I have to look after me. If I don’t then my anxiety takes over. If I put myself at the bottom of the list then I can’t be the person I want to be especially when it comes to the Mum I want to be. I have tried so many things to get rid of my anxiety but I have realised that it’s not really about getting rid of it. For me personally it is about accepting it, learning to live with it and doing as much as I can to… View Post

Trigger Warning Often with things like mental health people often say they had a turning point; an event that happened that made them reassess everything. Sometimes it could be the tiniest thing or sometimes a huge life changing event. Sometimes you hear people say that they had to hit the bottom before they could start getting back up again. Whatever it is, however it happens that thing that happens usually signify’s the point where a lot of people ask for help. Mine happened the day I wrote a letter. Anxiety has been a problem for me since becoming a Mummy… View Post

The bare bones of this post are of one I wrote a couple of years ago when I was just coming out of my first huge bout of anxiety. It was a post that really helped other anxiety sufferers especially Mums so I wanted to update it. Having anxiety can be crippling and when you are in the full throws of an anxiety attack it can be scary. I have taught myself ways of dealing with it after lots of research and most of the time manage to calm myself down. Here are my 5 ways to help yourself through… View Post