To my friends, my parents, my husband, my boy and the people that read my blog, I know that there is no need for this apology. I know that the special people in my life who were with me from day 1 of post-natal anxiety don’t need one because they are amazing. But I think they deserve one. I also know that post-natal anxiety wasn’t my fault; it wasn’t a path I chose but I would be ignorant to think it hadn’t affected the people around me too. So this is what I want to say. To my friends, I’m… View Post

Welcome to the area on my blog dedicated to post-natal anxiety. If you have found this page because you think you might be suffering from post-natal anxiety then please keep reading. But also if you are here because you are curious, please keep reading too. Post-natal anxiety is very easy to hide but horrible to go through so if you recognise any of the symptoms or experiences I talk about in a family member or friend you might be able to really help them or at least give them a hug.   I suffered with post-natal anxiety after the birth… View Post

Before I had Little Man I would hear peoples birth stories and couldn’t wait to feel the instant love for my baby that so many spoke about. The overwhelming feeling of love for that little person that was yours. I couldn’t wait till I saw my little man for the first time and I would feel that too. Except I didn’t. As controversial as it sounds and as heartless as it sounds, I just didn’t get it. My little boy was shown to me over the screen hiding my open tummy after my emergency caesarean. He was then shown to… View Post

So I have numerous blog posts about post-natal anxiety which I hope have been of use to some. I had the urge to talk about it last week so I filmed me talking about it. It’s not a light and bright vlog but it is from the heart and I hope it can help. There is something more personal about talking about this subject rather than writing it. I will warn you, I hadn’t done my hair, my make up had worn off and I ramble a bit but I said what I felt I wanted to say. I hope… View Post

The dictionary definition of anxiety is: distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune. As I have said in previous posts one of the main reasons that anxiety took over me after I had Little Man was because I had a lot of time on my own or in the house just with Little Man. I am a worrier by nature but with a lot of time to think, the general worrying tendencies turned into full on anxiety about everything and everything. When I started blogging the only link I made with my anxiety was making… View Post