**Trigger Warning – Baby Loss** Welcome to my new series I am the One in Four. Baby loss has become a huge part of this blog since losing my own baby in July 2016. I have received so many lovely messages saying how reading about my experiences helps them so I wanted to open it all up a bit more and include some very inspiring ladies baby loss journeys today. The charity Tommy’s states that ‘1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage in their lifetime’ which is a huge statistic yet we still aren’t talking about it as much as we could. So… View Post

I did an Instagram story a couple of days about not being scared of a baby loss mummy and it really seemed to strike a cord with a lot of people. Not only with parents who had lost their babies but also with friends of families who had lost too. It seems a silly thing to say, why would you be scared of a lady who had lost a baby? But it is one of those subjects, one of those taboo subjects. We are getting better at talking about it. Story lines in TV programmes have helped and wonderful online… View Post

As I am starting a new year on this blog I thought I would have a little look back at the 5 most read posts of 2017. Last year my blog took a massive turn in terms of content. This was a natural change for me because my life had changed so much in the second half of 2016. The most read posts really do reflect this and I am so very glad they are reaching people that need to read them. So here are the most read posts on Mummy in Training of 2017.   5 – The Moment… View Post

**Trigger Warning – Baby Loss** To my perfect little girl, One less stocking, one less pile of presents, one less Christmas jumper to buy. These are the sorts of things that really make me miss you at Christmas. I know we weren’t lucky enough to ever get a Christmas with you but I had planned them. Oh, had I planned them. My twin girls in Christmas pudding outfits or pretty party dresses. It’s amazing how in just a few months your future can look so very different and even though it’s snatched away from you as quickly as it came… View Post

If you are reading this you may know our back story or you may have just stumbled upon this post because you are looking for advice on how to help a sibling understand baby loss. I lost my daughter at 29 weeks in July 2016; she was stillborn. She was also the twin sister of Little Lady who made it through and a little sister to Little Man. Obviously we are not at the point of telling Little Lady about her sister yet as she is only one but Little Man was nearly four when the girls were born and… View Post