**Trigger Warning – Baby Loss** Apparently I was talking in my sleep the other night. I was telling someone that Heidi was mine and not to take her away. I remember that dream vividly, mainly because I have it at least once a week. There is someone taking her out of my arms and walking away with her. I can’t get off the bed and she is gone. The most painful part of that dream is that she is alive. Sitting on the sofa at night with a big bar of chocolate crying my eyes out. Going through Heidi’s memory… View Post

Dear Heidi, I have just written your sisters 2nd birthday letter and now it’s time for yours. As I sat down to write this the familiar physical ache appeared in my chest. I think it’s my heart hurting, my heart letting me know that there is a piece of it missing. I still don’t have the words to describe how it feels to have lost you. How after getting used to having twins and being frightened of it but then having it ripped away from you can be the most debilitating feeling. How grief can be felt physically and how… View Post

Dear Little Lady, It’s your 2nd birthday! Oh it’s gone so fast. I feel like I’ve blinked and you’re 2. Two years ago I was meeting you and your sister for the first time. You looked so tiny in your incubator, there was barely any part of you that didn’t have some sort of wire attached to you. Right at that moment when I stroked your tiny hand I knew you were a fighter, a true warrior and you have proved me right. Your first year was all about getting you better, making sure you survived your early delivery but… View Post

In the UK, 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth. The emotional impact this has is devastating and leaves parents with so many unanswered questions. There is still silence and shame around baby loss. But if we can talk about it openly and honestly, not only can we help each other feel less alone, but we can also pave the way for greater awareness and more research to stop it happening. This is why Tommy’s is launching a brand new campaign, ‘Together For Change’. Tommy’s  The quote from Tommy’s is the reason for todays post. This post… View Post

Welcome to my new series 5 Bloggers You Need to be Following. Every fortnight I am going to be sharing with you 5 bloggers I love to follow. These post will be separated into subjects such as mental health, small businesses, etc. Todays post is all about bloggers I love to follow who talk about baby loss. After I lost one of my twin girls I scoured Instagram to find other Mums like me. It was such a comfort to find these super inspirational, brave ladies talking to honestly about their experiences. It made me brave enough to share my story on… View Post