If you are reading this you may know our back story or you may have just stumbled upon this post because you are looking for advice on how to help a sibling understand baby loss. I lost my daughter at 29 weeks in July 2016; she was stillborn. She was also the twin sister of Little Lady who made it through and a little sister to Little Man. Obviously we are not at the point of telling Little Lady about her sister yet as she is only one but Little Man was nearly four when the girls were born and… View Post

Today is World Prematurity Day which takes place every year on November 17th to raise awareness of premature birth and what it means for the babies and their families. I’m going to be really honest, this day probably passed me by until last year. I think unless you have experience premature birth or are close to somebody that has you cannot even begin to imagine what goes on behind those Neonatal ward doors. Bliss, an amazing charity for babies born prematurely are asking this year what #PrematurityIs and that is what I want to talk about today. My daughters were… View Post

**Trigger – Baby Loss**   When I have sadly lost people close to me in the past one of my worries has always been forgetting. I had a fear of forgetting what they looked like or what they sounded like. However, I have got years and years of memories with them and hundreds of photos. A couple of nights ago I woke up at 2am filled with worry and upset. I don’t know if I had been dreaming about my baby girl but all of a sudden I had this overwhelming fear of forgetting her. I was worried I would… View Post

*Trigger Warning* As I have hinted at recently, a couple of weeks ago I left my job as a School Librarian to be at home with my kids. The one thing I will say before I get into the nitty gritty of this is that I know I am very lucky to be in the position where I could do this and also that this blogging hobby has gradually grown into something more than that. However, I never really pictured myself as a Mum who stayed at home all the time (I was working 3 days a week); not for… View Post

Trigger Warning: Baby Loss This week is baby loss awareness week. Something which is so close to my heart. If you don’t know my story I lost one of my twin girls when they were born at 29 weeks. It is single-handedly the hardest thing I have ever been through and it needs to be talked about more. To mark it I wanted to share some ways of helping if you have a loved one who has been through this too. I have encountered all sorts of reactions to baby loss and no one is right or wrong. Some are… View Post