**Trigger Warning – Baby Loss** Losing a baby was by far the most isolating time of my life for me. I had wonderful supportive people around me but when you are in the depths of grief you can’t believe that anyone can even begin to understand how you are feeling. Life was whizzing on around me and my whole world felt it had stopped with my 3 year old boy at home, one twin in Neonatal and of course her sister who had been born asleep not with me anymore. My head was a mess, I was a mess and… View Post

I have written before about how body confidence is something I don’t have a lot of. In that post I explain how I often feel guilty for not having that confidence because there is so much out there on social media telling me how I should be proud of my Mum bod. Don’t get me wrong I am proud of what it has done and that it grew my 3 babies but I do have a very unhealthy relationship with my body. I don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror; when I put weight on it… View Post

Little Lady has got to the Miss Independent stage, even things she still needs a bit of help with she refuses the help. She wants to show everyone how good she is at everything especially when it comes to eating. Part of the fun of the first year or so of children eating solids is the mess! We’ve all got that photo of our kids the first time they tried to eat spaghetti¬†bolognese! However with this new found independence a lot of Little Lady’s dinner can unintentionally end up on the floor and ideally I would prefer it to end… View Post

If you’re like me then you will have already taken thousands of photos of the kids this summer and the holidays are only just about to start. There is the obligatory paddling pool photo, the water fight photo, the first time they dipped their toes in the sea photo. There are just so many photos opportunities in the summer, I love it. What do you do with your photos then though? I always think I should get them printed but never get round to it and apart from the odd few for the mantelpiece they all tend to just sit… View Post

I’m back with some more lovely clothes from Lavendersun to show you. With this summer being such a hot one sometimes the easiest things to put babies and toddlers in are vests or onesies but sometimes they can be a bit plain and boring. If you are looking for some onesies that are a bit prettier or look a bit more like a little outfit then Lavendersun’s website is definitely worth a look and they are reasonably priced too. Lavendersun¬† very kindly allowed me to try a couple of their onesies for Little Lady and I wasn’t disappointed. There was… View Post