Kids parties, whether you loathe them or love them the preparation is always stressful. There is the food to think about, the entertainment, whether people have remembered to RSVP. My friend was having a similar experience to this so when Party Bags & Supplies got in touch with me to ask me to review some of their products we jumped at the chance. Party Bags & Supplies provide exactly what their name suggests. Think of any theme and they will undoubtedly have it. Anything you need for a party they have it but they specialise in party bags. I always… View Post

Car seats are one of those things we, as parents want to get right. They seem like a bit of a mind field when you first have a baby but by the time you have been through a couple you are an expert in them! They do such an important job of keeping our little ones super safe in the car, you can’t get much more important than that! We have been reviewing the Joie Elevate Group 1/2/3 car seat. After two kids and a fair few car seats we know the things that make a good car seat and… View Post

I really struggle to buy presents for other people kids. You would think that as I am a parent myself that I would know exactly what they would like but unless they are a 5 year old boy or a 1 year old girl I am often pretty stumped. You want to spend your money on something that they are actually going to like and use. If you have similar problems then I may well have the help you need. Wicked Uncle got in touch with me to have a look at their website and some of their products and… View Post

As you know books and reading stories together are massive parts of our family life. We have been reviewing the Shady Bay Buddies series from Cico Kidz this week and we are really enjoying them. Cico Books is a craft publisher so they offer something a little different to the children’s book world. All the characters in the Shady Bay series are crocheted which makes for a really adorable read. The series is all based around childrens firsts. I think it is a great way to introduce new experiences to kids is through books, it really helps them relate to… View Post

I am back with a final Christmas gift guide for new mums and their babies. I always want to get something extra special for friends or family members that are new mums as you know their lives are full of sleepless nights and smelly nappies but I also like to get something a bit different for the babies too. If you have a new mum or a new baby to buy for this year I have put together a list of eight things that I think they will love. 1 My First Christmas Personalised Print – If you are looking… View Post