We were invited along to visit Santa in the Big Red Christmas Bus in the Old Market Shopping Centre in Hereford. Little Man is loving Christmas this year but I had been wondering how to tackle the Santa visit with Little Man this year. Although he has always been very eager to see Santa, he has very scared of him when it has come to the actual meeting in previous years. Being invited onto the Big Red Christmas Bus seemed like a great way to try out the Santa visit this year as Little Man loves all things transport and buses are… View Post

Last week I posted about our visit to see We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on stage that my Dad had booked for us to see. My Dad very kindly also got us tickets to go and see a performance called Notelets at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham. When I was little one of our family traditions around Christmas was to go to a Christmas concert of some kind. It was the best way to start the festive season and my Dad wanted to help me continue that tradition in my family. Christmas has already been so magical this year… View Post

A week or so ago we took Little Man on his first theatre trip. My parents had got him We’re Going on a Bear Hunt tickets for his birthday. I loved the theatre when I was younger and still do so to be able to take Little Man was brilliant. And just like his Mummy he loved it. We saw We’re Going on a Bear Hunt at the mac theatre in Birmingham. It was performed by the Little Angel Theatre.  We are already huge fans of the book so Little Man already knew a lot of the words! The performance… View Post

Little Man is a very tall, skinny boy so this makes buying trousers for him a nightmare. If the length is right then the waist is huge and if the waist is right then the the bottom of the trousers don’t even reach his ankles. Therefore belts are lifesavers for us, however for a newly potty trained 3 year old belts can be tricky. When Easybelts got in contact with me, I was eager to try their belts. Easybelts was started by a lady with the same problems as me with her little boy. The belts are designed for little… View Post

When someone says a product has changed their life, I tend to scoff and roll my eyes. Really?! One little product can change your life?! I stand corrected. Enter the Gro-clock. If you already have one, you will hopefully know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, let me explain. The Gro-clock is an alarm clock for toddlers basically. Little Man went through a phase about 4 months ago of waking up at 5am, sometimes earlier. It was difficult; he was tired, we were tired. It wasn’t good for any of us. I had heard a lot about the greatness… View Post