I have to admit I am a bit of a clean freak. This used to mean that my house was spic and span, had been cleaned within an inch of it’s life every weekend and was very very tidy. It does not mean that anymore. I have a 3 year old who leaves a trail of mess wherever he goes and I have given up trying to get my house to my old standards. However I still like the house to be as clean as it can be and any products that can make this easier for me are welcome… View Post

Hands up if you can’t find your keys at least once a week! My hand is firmly up. I have a handy little bowl on my mantlepiece to put keys in, however quite often I just throw my keys in any given point around the house. Then it’s panic stations to find them in the 5 seconds we have to get out of the house. So when I was offered the chance to review a item (including keys) finder I thought this was right up my street. Introducing the PagerTag by Beets Blu. Excuse my lack of technical explanation but… View Post

Here is your week and a half reminder for Mothers Day everyone! This year it is on Sunday 6th March, for some reason it really seems to have crept up on me this year. In fact, the only reason I knew it was coming up was because I saw it on a sign outside of a pub! I have put together a gift guide for all those dads, husbands and kids to get some inspiration for this Mothers Day. I hope you like it, everything is very affordable and what I would also buy for my Mum or Mummy friends or… View Post

We were invited along to visit Santa in the Big Red Christmas Bus in the Old Market Shopping Centre in Hereford. Little Man is loving Christmas this year but I had been wondering how to tackle the Santa visit with Little Man this year. Although he has always been very eager to see Santa, he has very scared of him when it has come to the actual meeting in previous years. Being invited onto the Big Red Christmas Bus seemed like a great way to try out the Santa visit this year as Little Man loves all things transport and buses are… View Post

Last week I posted about our visit to see We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on stage that my Dad had booked for us to see. My Dad very kindly also got us tickets to go and see a performance called Notelets at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham. When I was little one of our family traditions around Christmas was to go to a Christmas concert of some kind. It was the best way to start the festive season and my Dad wanted to help me continue that tradition in my family. Christmas has already been so magical this year… View Post