I love doing crafts with Little Man but if you have followed this blog for a while you will know that I’m not the most creative person in the world. I need easy and simple instructions to follow and nothing to complicated. As it is coming up to Easter I wanted to make some Easter cards with Little Man and this is where Mrs Mactivity had my back! Mrs Mactivity is run by a group of ex and current teachers who are passionate about providing educational resources for both teachers and parents. I love the fact that this website is… View Post

My kids skin is the bane of my life. They both suffer from sensitive skin and both can get quite bad bouts of eczema especially when in the really hot months and the really cold months. I am always on the look out for the perfect bath time product to help them so when Earth Friendly Baby got in touch I couldn’t wait to give their products a go. Earth Friendly Baby products are all made from natural ingredients which makes them really very gentle on the skin. They are vegan friendly, organic and don’t contain nasties which can irritate the… View Post

One of the biggest techniques I use to tame my anxiety is distraction. If I feel it coming on I tend to change what I am doing or do something I know will use all of my concentration and block out the anxious thoughts. Adult colouring was something I had read was a good thing for this but I had never tried it until recently. The lovely people at Crafter’s Companion sent me a lovely bundle of their Spectrum Noir colouring sets for me to give colouring a go to help my anxiety. The Spectrum Noir colouring books are nothing… View Post

I love the idea of subscription boxes and getting a little pick me up once a month; a little gift to yourself is such a lovely idea. Well there’s one thing that comes once a month for us ladies when we definitely need a bit of TLC and that is our period. For me, it is the time of the month where my moods are low and I feel a little bit fed up. When Pink Parcel got in touch I couldn’t wait to review their subscription boxes. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box designed to give you everything… View Post

World Book Day is upon us (1st March for those who have yet to have had the inevitable letter from school!) and I for one am excited. I have written about the importance of World Book Day before as I am a huge supporter of it. I am an ex school librarian and have seen first hand the difference a love of reading can make in a childs life. I love how World Book Day brings together kids everywhere to share their love of reading or maybe encourage a love of reading in another child. With World Book Day usually… View Post