Another day, another spillage on my kitchen floor. I don’t seem to go a day without looking at the floor in my house and wondering if I did actually clean the floors or hoover the carpets the day before because it looks like an angry chef has been cooking in the kitchen and a herd of elephants has trampled through the lounge. Where does it all even come from? The kitchen floor is the worst, instead of simply eating his food Little Man likes to wave his food filled fork around the room before it goes in his mouth or… View Post

When it comes to baking my Mum is an expert. She has amazing skills and what she can’t make out of icing isn’t worth making! One of the things she and Little Man love to do together is bake so when I Just Love It sent us some baking equipment I knew my Mum would be in her element. I Just Love It are a personalised gift company. I am a huge fan of personalised gifts; I love to make something that bit extra special and  I Just Love It did not disappoint. As it’s coming up to Christmas my… View Post

Little Man is a huge fan of the TV series Dinotrux. What is there not to like?! Half dinosaur and half truck these creatures are right up my little boys street. When I told him I had had the opportunity to take a look at some of the Dinotrux toys I scored some real Mummy points!! We were lucky enough to receive Skyla’s Tall Tail Slide, Garby Pull Back N Go Action Hero and Talking Revvit. So, lets start with Skyla’s Tall Tail Slide. This is the biggest of the three toys and comes with the main Sklya toy who… View Post

Having a premature baby comes with all sorts of little quirks and one of those is that they like to hold on to things. It stems from being surrounded in wires and holding on to those. Little Lady is still on an apnoea monitor and I often find her holding her wire even now so when the lovely Arty Apple offered me a review opportunity I knew exactly what to pick. I chose one of their beautiful taggie blankets. A perfect comforter for my Little Lady. All of the blankets on the website look gorgeous but I chose the Baby… View Post

The mince pies, Christmas cards, gifts, Christmas puddings, they’re all in the shops. It’s time. It’s time to start writing those lists, planning the big day, oh I love it. Christmas is so lovely with kids too so over the next few days I will be sharing two Christmas Gift Guides with you; one for preschoolers like my Little Man and one for babies like my Little Lady. Today’s gift guide is for baby. I think buying presents for babies can sometimes be a bit tricky especially if they are newborn so I have picked a few things that I… View Post