Welcome to the first post in my NICU Life series. Little Lady spent 9 weeks in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). I wanted to read about other Mum’s experiences; I wanted to know if how I was feeling about it all was normal so I thought it only right that I shared my experiences of it too. Little Lady was born one hour into my 29th week of pregnancy weighing just over 3lbs, you can read about why she was born early here. Our 9 week NICU journey was the hardest one of my life so far. There are more steps back than there… View Post

Little Lady is now 7 months old. No, I’m not sure how that happened either! My tiny little 3lb baby who I sat with day after day staring into her incubator is now a chubby 15lb and most importantly healthy. She spent 9 weeks in Neonatal and came home weighing just over 4lbs. We are on the good side of things now but when we first bought her home it was all quite overwhelming. I really appreciated the people around me being understanding but sometimes people aren’t quite as accommodating. Understandably everyone wants to meet the baby that has been kept… View Post

So many lovely people on social media have been asking how the Little Lady is doing so I thought I would do a little update. On the 3rd October we finally bought Little Lady home after 9 weeks in hospital. She was supposed to come home the week before but ended up being rushed to a neighboring hospital for a hernia operation. Thankfully that was nice and straightforward. Little Lady is now four and half months actual age and 9 weeks corrected. I didn’t really understand the difference in the ages before having a prem baby but they are so… View Post

*TRIGGER WARNING* ‘We have found there was no reason for it’. For the 2nd time in that hospital time stood still. The consultant handed me a box of tissues. Tears were escaping. I couldn’t help it. No reason? It just happened? That did not make it okay. People telling me it happened for a reason made it somewhat okay. Three medical professionals sat in a cold office telling me otherwise didn’t make it okay. On Thursday we were invited back to the hospital to hear the hospitals findings from the investigation in regards to what happened to my twins. ‘It’ll… View Post

When you hear people throw the word ‘premature’ around when it comes to babies you don’t ever take huge amounts of notice. It’s just a baby that was born a bit early. Nothing unheard of about that really. Until you have one. Until you are in a bed on a postnatal ward after giving birth and your baby is down the corridor. You’re not drinking in those first few moments of your babies life; cooing over them and getting to know them. Instead quite often they are fighting for their lives, learning how to survive when they weren’t ready to… View Post