Last September I stood nervously at the school gates waiting for them to open for Little Man’s first day at preschool. He was nervous about starting somewhere new. I was nervous about whether I had made the right decision about moving him from the nursery he had been in from 10 months old to a new place. There was new routines to learn and a much more school like environment for him to get his head round. Dealing with change was not his strong point. As a family we had not had the easiest couple of months and all of… View Post

If you are a regular reader you may recall my post 5 Things that Happened at the Nursery Nativity when Little Man striped to his pants and sulked about not wanting to do it. One year on and he has moved from nursery to pre-school. When the script came with his lines and songs for the nativity I have to say I did wonder what I would be faced with on show day! In a non traditional role as a spaceman he was very proud of his role and getting the chance to sing about visiting the moon in his… View Post

Dear Little Man, What a year we have had! When Daddy is away you and I are a little team especially before your sister came along. I couldn’t have had a better right hand man. You have been amazing but I’m not sure I have told you. I’m really sorry about that. It all started in Febrary when Mummy peed on a stick! I have to admit I was pretty excited to give you a sibling. Then we found out it was twins and then twin girls. Even then, you didn’t let it faze you. You wanted boys but you… View Post

This year has been a busy one for all sorts of reasons. When September rolled around and October was on the horizon I started to wonder if I had done the right thing deciding to do Little Man’s 4th birthday party at home. I thought it would be easier with a new baby (or babies as I thought at the time). We were only inviting a few of his little friends as he had just moved from nursery to prechool so wasn’t really mentioning preschool friends yet. Then I started to worry as people started looking at me like I… View Post

Halloween has really got Little Man excited this year especially after our pumpkin trail at the weekend so in my wisdom I thought I would do some Halloween based activities with him over half term. Now, this sounds very Pinterest of me I know, however if you were reading my blog this time last year you will have seen my absolute fail at a Halloween craft. I am not very creative I think it is fair to say. This is where my lovely Mum comes in. She used to run a playgroup and then worked at a primary school so she… View Post