Nearly 8 weeks have passed since my little man started school. It really is quite amazing what it does to them; he has become so much more independent and resilient and learnt so much in such a short space of time. I think your child starting school is as much a learning curve for you as it is for them and there have certainly been a few steep ones for me recently. Here are 5 things I have learnt since I became a parent to a school kid! PE spares are needed – If you have watched my Insta stories… View Post

To my beautiful boy, I seem to have blinked and you’re 5. 5 years ago today I had been induced and in labour for the best part of 2 days until you arrived kicking and screaming via c-section. You were 10lbs 6oz and so long; so much of you to love. And here we are 5 years later on another birthday. A birthday which for the first time ever you have had to go to school, something you are not very happy about.  Being 4 has been a tricky age for you; understanding your emotions, learning to share your life… View Post

When did you get so big Little Man, tomorrow you start school. Sitting here with tears in my eyes, I feel a bit of a fool.   Your bag is packed, your clothes are labelled and your shoes are super shiny, But there is massive part of me that says ‘don’t take him yet, he’s still tiny.’   Nursery was your first big leap and then Preschool too. You’ve taken it all in your stride and this you will do too.   I don’t know where the years have gone but I do know we’ve had fun, I  think this… View Post

Last September I stood nervously at the school gates waiting for them to open for Little Man’s first day at preschool. He was nervous about starting somewhere new. I was nervous about whether I had made the right decision about moving him from the nursery he had been in from 10 months old to a new place. There was new routines to learn and a much more school like environment for him to get his head round. Dealing with change was not his strong point. As a family we had not had the easiest couple of months and all of… View Post

If you are a regular reader you may recall my post 5 Things that Happened at the Nursery Nativity when Little Man striped to his pants and sulked about not wanting to do it. One year on and he has moved from nursery to pre-school. When the script came with his lines and songs for the nativity I have to say I did wonder what I would be faced with on show day! In a non traditional role as a spaceman he was very proud of his role and getting the chance to sing about visiting the moon in his… View Post