If you catch up with me regularly on here you will know that G works away so I fly solo with this parenting lark in the week. Even before I had Little Lady organisation was key. For 3 days of the week I had to get Little Man up and out for the door and in nursery for 7.30 so I could be zooming down the motorway and in work for 8am. Now I am on maternity leave you would think that could slow down a bit but of course, with maternity leave comes a baby! Sam left nursery to… View Post

Today is my Little Man’s 4th birthday. 4 years ago today after a long induction he came into the world, all 10lbs 6oz of him! It only really feels like yesterday and with a new baby in the house certain things really remind me of his baby days. To say I am proud of him is an understatement. Since turning 3 the change in him this past year has been amazing. There is no sign of that baby that was thrust into my arms. He is strong willed, kind, thoughtful and most of all a joy to be around. His… View Post

So as I have mentioned previously Little Man has been in nursery since he was around 10 months old for 3 days a week while I went to work. He has always loved and other than a few blips over the last 3 years things have gone fairly smoothly. As he is an October baby so doesn’t go to school till he is nearly 5 we made the decision to move him to a school nursery or preschool (I call it this to differentiate between the two but essentially it is just a different nursery) so that he could adapt… View Post

Thank you for giving me cuddles when my hormones have got the better of me. Thank you for asking me if I am okay when morning sickness has struck again. Thank you for understanding that I can’t pick you up as much any more. Thank you for accepting that Mummy is tired sometimes and can’t always play with you. Thank you for taking the fact that you are going to have twin sisters in your stride even though you really wanted a brother. Thank you for telling everyone that Mummy has two babies in her tummy with so much pride… View Post

Having morning sickness pretty much constantly since I was 7 weeks pregnant has altered my routine quite a lot. On the days where it is just myself and Little Man I have had to rethink our days and think of ways to keep him entertained. I think it is fair to say I am very lucky in the fact that to a certain extent Little Man understands that Mummy is poorly but when it has gone on for as long as mine has it understandably gets a bit frustrating for him. On the really bad days, moving from the sofa… View Post