So the costume stresses of World Book Day are behind us and here we are at another Mummy stumbling block for me. Easter bonnets!!! I am without doubt one of the least creative and arty Mums I know. Easter bonnets are not my strong point. Last year (you can read about it here), I took to Poundland and literally purchased every single bit of Easter related craft product they had and threw it onto a hat. It came out okay in the end. This year for various reasons I have had less time so I have gone along the copying… View Post

Sometimes being a Mum is tricky. We find ourselves being tantrum tamers, constant worriers, wine drinkers, nurses, teachers and so much more too! But actually it is pretty awesome being a Mum really isn’t it?! As it’s Mothers Day on Sunday I thought I would share with you 5 reasons why I think being a Mum is bloomin’ awesome. You get to watch your little human grow up – That’s a pretty privileged position we are in as parents. We get to help them grow up and teach them right or wrong but also watch them do it in their… View Post

You know how men have a man drawer?! A drawer where they put random bits from their life in…random plugs, tools, instructions, etc. Well my 3 year old little boy has one too! His is full of magazine toys; you know the ones that don’t last very long and snap after a couple of plays with them. He has Happy Meal toys in it too, in fact I feel like maybe I could be judged as a parent if you were to see just how many toys from these meals are in there! It’s a drawer for the crap toys… View Post

Yesterday we went to a fairly posh hotel for Sunday lunch for my mother in laws birthday. Even with a fussy eater like Little Man in tow I was fairly optimistic about the afternoon ahead of us. The restaurant staff had told us that we could request something specific for Little Man as they didn’t have a kids menu. We chose chicken pasta for him. Pasta is the only food that I can normally get him to eat at dinner times. All good I thought. When will I learn that the words complacency and parenting do not go together. We… View Post

Since Little Man has turned 3 he has been using the word ‘why’ more and more. It doesn’t matter what I say, he asks me why. Why don’t the horses have coats for the rain? Why does he need to hurry up? Why, why why! I love how inquisitive he is but sometimes I just don’t have the answers!! I wrote a little poem about it. Let me know if you know what I’m talking about! Why Mummy Why?   Why Mummy why, do I need shoes to wear? Because my darling, if you don’t people will stare.   Why… View Post