Yesterday we went to a fairly posh hotel for Sunday lunch for my mother in laws birthday. Even with a fussy eater like Little Man in tow I was fairly optimistic about the afternoon ahead of us. The restaurant staff had told us that we could request something specific for Little Man as they didn’t have a kids menu. We chose chicken pasta for him. Pasta is the only food that I can normally get him to eat at dinner times. All good I thought. When will I learn that the words complacency and parenting do not go together. We… View Post

Since Little Man has turned 3 he has been using the word ‘why’ more and more. It doesn’t matter what I say, he asks me why. Why don’t the horses have coats for the rain? Why does he need to hurry up? Why, why why! I love how inquisitive he is but sometimes I just don’t have the answers!! I wrote a little poem about it. Let me know if you know what I’m talking about! Why Mummy Why?   Why Mummy why, do I need shoes to wear? Because my darling, if you don’t people will stare.   Why… View Post

When I decided to start this blog, I read around for advice on what to call it. The main bit of advice was call it something timeless. Something that would take you through all chapters of your life. Mummy in Training felt perfect to me. The main reason being that this is what I will always be. When you first have a baby, you feel like that is your training. You are a new Mum trying to work out how do it all. How to look after this little human that has been thrust into your life. Those first few… View Post

As a family Christmas present my parents gave us a years long family pass to Avoncroft Museum in Worcestershire. We only live 10 minutes from Avoncroft so this was a great present for us. Little Man & I have been before but G hadn’t been before so we decided to go on Saturday. The weather wasn’t great but we had a lovely morning. Avoncroft Museum is an open air museum where they house different types of historical buidings. It is fascinating to go around them and see how people lived before us. Little Man really enjoyed it too so it… View Post

One day my 3 year old woke up with an attitude. I can’t quite pin when it started but wow it has hit our household with a bang. When Little Man turned 2, I got loads of comments warning me about what was to come. Having a 2 year old it seemed would be testing and very tricky. It wasn’t. Having a 2 year old was a joy, he was great. Then he turned 3. I had no comments, no one wishing me luck for the year ahead. Why?!?! Why did nobody warn me? With my boy, him turning 3… View Post