Welcome to my new series 5 Bloggers You Need to be Following. Every fortnight I am going to be sharing with you 5 bloggers I love to follow. These post will be separated into subjects such as mental health, small businesses, etc. Todays post is all about bloggers I love to follow who talk about baby loss. After I lost one of my twin girls I scoured Instagram to find other Mums like me. It was such a comfort to find these super inspirational, brave ladies talking to honestly about their experiences. It made me brave enough to share my story on… View Post

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment, when the weather is like it has been and the summer holidays are just round the corner eating outside and going on picnics can become a regular occurrence. My kids love a picnic even if it is only in the garden and I love making them. When Petit Fernand got in touch to see if I would like to review their personalised lunch boxes and water bottle we were super excited. Petit Fernand offer amazing customisable products for the kids that are really help out parents too. They not only do… View Post

Maintaining a family garden falls low on the endless list of household chores to tend to. From washing to ironing and the daily hoovering, dusting and dishes too – there really isn’t much room to squeeze in the gardening. With this in mind I am sharing 3 top tips to get the perfect garden for a busy family home.   1/  Artificial Grass – The thought of having a perfect lawn all year round, minus the time and effort needed to maintain it, is like music to the ears! Artificial grass is stress-free, child and pet friendly and stays looking immaculate… View Post

Since Little Man started school I feel like I miss out on a lot of his life. I love how much he likes school and how independent he is now but I always have a bit of a niggling voice in the back of my mind worrying that he is telling me everything. I wonder how he is getting on with his friends or if he is understanding everything he is being taught. I think that’s natural for most parents but like most kids when I ask him how his day was he says fine and that’s all I get… View Post

We’ve all met that self proclaimed non judgemental person. The one who very confidently can tell you that they do not, under any circumstances judge people. They tell you how awful it is to judge someone else and how it something they would never dream of doing. Then they throw the curve ball, the extra judgey curve ball when they start to tell you about Jane (‘the one down the road with too many kids than she can handle’) and the saga outside her house the other night and how awful it must be for her kids and how could… View Post