***Trigger Warning – Baby Loss*** Grief is an odd concept. We all do it differently. There are no rules, no right and wrong way to cope with it. You have no idea how you will cope until it happens. Some days I feel empty without my third child. I miss her; I miss what she would have been. Other days I feel like I can take on the world for her. It is a journey, sometimes a dark one, sometimes a hopeful one but a journey that is personal. Photo Credit – Alistair Rowan Photography People often tell me that… View Post

Mothers Day is around the corner and one of my favourite things to do is finding lovely gifts so I thought I would put the two together again and do a gift guide. I have some really lovely and a little different things this year. To be honest these are all very ‘me’ things but I’m sure lots of other mama’s out there would love them too. So without further babbling, here they all are.   1  Kate Spade Dipped Initial Notebook – Oh I do love pretty stationary and this Kate Spade notepad is the prettiest of all. You can… View Post

Little Lady is now 7 months old. No, I’m not sure how that happened either! My tiny little 3lb baby who I sat with day after day staring into her incubator is now a chubby 15lb and most importantly healthy. She spent 9 weeks in Neonatal and came home weighing just over 4lbs. We are on the good side of things now but when we first bought her home it was all quite overwhelming. I really appreciated the people around me being understanding but sometimes people aren’t quite as accommodating. Understandably everyone wants to meet the baby that has been kept… View Post

The Easter holidays are on the horizon; Easter eggs, family time and for me personally…spring cleaning! The Easter holidays have always been the time when I do the deep clean! You know the sort I mean, where you actually move the sofas and hoover behind them or you tidy up the cupboard that is normally the one you throw everything in when doing your weekly clean and tidy. Truth be told I am a bit of a cleaning hack addict. I don’t mind a bit of elbow grease and a good cleaning session but if I can find a quicker… View Post

I spent the morning wrapping bandages around Little Man today. No, there was no awful accident, he had chosen to go to the World Book Day celebrations at his preschool dressed as Mr Bump. World Book Day is quite a big event in my calendar. I am a School Librarian when I am not on maternity leave so have always celebrated it. Stressful costume finding aside though, celebrating is exactly what we should be doing today. Celebrating reading, books and trying to instil a love of reading in our kids. I spend my professional life trying to get kids to read but… View Post