My kids skin is the bane of my life. They both suffer from sensitive skin and both can get quite bad bouts of eczema especially when in the really hot months and the really cold months. I am always on the look out for the perfect bath time product to help them so when Earth Friendly Baby got in touch I couldn’t wait to give their products a go. Earth Friendly Baby products are all made from natural ingredients which makes them really very gentle on the skin. They are vegan friendly, organic and don’t contain nasties which can irritate the… View Post

Trigger Warning Often with things like mental health people often say they had a turning point; an event that happened that made them reassess everything. Sometimes it could be the tiniest thing or sometimes a huge life changing event. Sometimes you hear people say that they had to hit the bottom before they could start getting back up again. Whatever it is, however it happens that thing that happens usually signify’s the point where a lot of people ask for help. Mine happened the day I wrote a letter. Anxiety has been a problem for me since becoming a Mummy… View Post

So Mothers Day is nearly upon us and the adverts are everywhere. I find Mothers Day a bit of a bittersweet day as I would love to have all 3 of my kids with me but I am so grateful to be spending it with the 2 I have here with me. It sounds like a cliche but I really don’t need presents. My babies are everything to me and it’s nice to have a day that is about being their Mummy in a positive way and not just focusing on the daily grind of motherhood. If I’m being honest… View Post

One of the biggest techniques I use to tame my anxiety is distraction. If I feel it coming on I tend to change what I am doing or do something I know will use all of my concentration and block out the anxious thoughts. Adult colouring was something I had read was a good thing for this but I had never tried it until recently. The lovely people at Crafter’s Companion sent me a lovely bundle of their Spectrum Noir colouring sets for me to give colouring a go to help my anxiety. The Spectrum Noir colouring books are nothing… View Post

This year I really wanted to write my book based posts as childrens books was my career before this and I love them! There are just so many great stories out there to share with your kids. With Mothers Day on Sunday I thought I would share my top 5 picture books to read with your kids on Mothers Day. They would also be great as a little extra Mothers Day gift. So let’s get started. The Mummy Shop by Abie Longstaff This wasn’t a book I was familiar with until recently, it was a library find. Little Man and… View Post