I love the idea of subscription boxes and getting a little pick me up once a month; a little gift to yourself is such a lovely idea. Well there’s one thing that comes once a month for us ladies when we definitely need a bit of TLC and that is our period. For me, it is the time of the month where my moods are low and I feel a little bit fed up. When Pink Parcel got in touch I couldn’t wait to review their subscription boxes. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box designed to give you everything… View Post

This will hopefully be the start of many more children’s book posts from me. Children’s books are my thing. Before I decided to do this blogging thing full time my job was as a School Librarian and have celebrated many World Book Days over the year. World Book Day doesn’t just mean costume stresses the night before it is about bringing together children and families and reading together. It is about encouraging a love of reading in our kids and sharing stories together. World Book Day is the 1st Mach this year so just a few days to go now.… View Post

Trigger Warning – Contains references to baby loss. A couple of days ago I posted on Instagram about my lack of body confidence. I got an amazing reaction from it; lovely comments and some really touching private messages from women telling me how they felt too. As I said in the post, I don’t normally talk about this sort of stuff. I know nothing about fashion or make up. I see so many amazing womens posts about body confidence and how they have accepted their body for whatever reason. A lot of the ladies that I follow are Mums so… View Post

**Trigger Warning – Baby Loss** Welcome back to my series I am the One in Four. Baby loss has become a huge part of this blog since losing my own baby in July 2016. I have received so many lovely messages saying how reading about my experiences helps them so I wanted to open it all up a bit more and include some very inspiring ladies baby loss journeys today. The charity Tommy’s states that ‘1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage in their lifetime’ which is a huge statistic yet we still aren’t talking about it as much as we could. So… View Post

The bare bones of this post are of one I wrote a couple of years ago when I was just coming out of my first huge bout of anxiety. It was a post that really helped other anxiety sufferers especially Mums so I wanted to update it. Having anxiety can be crippling and when you are in the full throws of an anxiety attack it can be scary. I have taught myself ways of dealing with it after lots of research and most of the time manage to calm myself down. Here are my 5 ways to help yourself through… View Post