*Trigger Warning* I have been trying to write a post for ages about the intricacies of losing a twin. I find it so hard to explain to people how it feels without feeling like I am doing one of my girls a disservice. If I focus on Little Angel I feel like I am coming across like I don’t appreciate that Little Lady is here safe and well. If I focus on Little Lady I feel like I am forgetting Little Angel. Because I have a had a new baby and a rocky start with her too I think I… View Post

Another day, another spillage on my kitchen floor. I don’t seem to go a day without looking at the floor in my house and wondering if I did actually clean the floors or hoover the carpets the day before because it looks like an angry chef has been cooking in the kitchen and a herd of elephants has trampled through the lounge. Where does it all even come from? The kitchen floor is the worst, instead of simply eating his food Little Man likes to wave his food filled fork around the room before it goes in his mouth or… View Post

Do you ever get to the point where your to do list is just too long? I am sat here staring at the list I wrote at the beginning of the week. There isn’t many things ticked off and I am one of those people who writes a couple of things on the list that I have already done so I can tick them off straight away. I am a list maker, it’s how I function. I have lists on my phone, lists on the board in the kitchen, lists in my notepad and then I have lists of the… View Post

You often hear people moan that all parents do when they get together is talk about their kids. I agree that sometimes there needs to be a no kid talk rule. We all need time off and we all need to talk about things that don’t include references to poo, the naughty corner and the battle to get our kid to eat something green. However, there is also a lot to be said for the chats about our kids. I was chatting to a mummy friend one day last week. Little Lady had driven me mad all of the day… View Post

Wow 6 months! 6 months ago I was in shock. One of my girls had grown her wings and one was in an incubator fighting for her life. Not forgetting my little man waking up to find Mummy & Daddy had gone in the night and Granny and Grandad were there instead. It’s amazing how your life can change in an instant. How your whole outlook can change; my whole world was rocked and to be honest it’s not stopped since. So 6 months on we have a new normal. So much has changed. I am learning how to walk… View Post