World Book Day is upon us (1st March for those who have yet to have had the inevitable letter from school!) and I for one am excited. I have written about the importance of World Book Day before as I am a huge supporter of it. I am an ex school librarian and have seen first hand the difference a love of reading can make in a childs life. I love how World Book Day brings together kids everywhere to share their love of reading or maybe encourage a love of reading in another child. With World Book Day usually… View Post

Ah the sick day before kids. It would start with waking up feeling rubbish, realising that in fact the cold I thought I had was more in the realms of flu. I would pick up my phone, call work and roll back over in bed. I would be feeling rubbish, yes but knowing I didn’t have to move from my sick bed was nice. Around 10am I would get up to see how I felt. Maybe I would venture downstairs for a drink, some meds and to raid the snack cupboard. Realising that This Morning was just about to start… View Post

**Trigger Warning – Baby Loss** Welcome back to my series I am the One in Four. Baby loss has become a huge part of this blog since losing my own baby in July 2016. I have received so many lovely messages saying how reading about my experiences helps them so I wanted to open it all up a bit more and include some very inspiring ladies baby loss journeys today. The charity Tommy’s states that ‘1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage in their lifetime’ which is a huge statistic yet we still aren’t talking about it as much as we could. So… View Post

Little Lady spent 9 weeks on the Neonatal ward. When I look back I’ve no idea how I did it. I had a 4 year old at preschool and a baby in hospital. I had to split my time, my energy, my attention not only on 2 children which was new to me anyway but 2 children in two different places. Little Lady in the early days was fighting for her life and Little Man was confused about what had happened. Not only had we had to tell him that one of his twin sisters had passed away but that… View Post

Are you a Valentines lover or hater? Or maybe you are somewhere between; you like to get a little gift to mark it but not too fussed about the flowers and chocolates side of things. If this is you then I have put this gift guide together for you. It is full of random ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration if you’re not feeling the hearts and flowers.       1 – Personalised Clothing – Personalised or slogan clothing is a big thing at the moment and you can get some lovely embroidery services from brands such… View Post