Trigger Warning Grief. It’s just a word, a name for our sadness but oh my goodness does it come with some weight. To say you are grieving comes with so much behind it but to every person it means something slightly different. Why? Because every single one of us grieves differently every single time we grieve. Grief comes with expectations. When I was grieving for my baby girl I felt like there was a certain way I should be acting. People became worried if I wasn’t crying. But in reality, I only really started crying over her about 6 months… View Post

With a husband that mostly works away all week every week routines are the way I get through life especially now I have two children. If I wasn’t organised I’m not sure we would ever get out of the door in time for everything. I definitely wouldn’t get them to bed at a reasonable hour if we didn’t have a bedtime routine. Little Man has had a decent bedtime routine since he was about 9 months old but when Little Lady came home it all went a bit to pot. I had to fit his bath around her feeds and… View Post

Fathers Day is in a couple of weeks and I have been sharing some of my favourite Fathers Day gift ideas with you. I have already shared 5 great ideas over on part 1 of this post and you can see those here. So lets carry on and have a look at some more!   1/  Things My Dad Taught Me Personalised Poster – I love a personalised gift and I think this one is really lovely. The kids can choose things that they want to put on the poster that their Dad has taught them and it comes in… View Post

Fathers Day is on Sunday 17th June so really not too far away now. If you are starting to have a look for some gifts, then I am here to help with some lovely gift ideas. I have so many to share with you I have split this post into two parts and this is the first one. You can find the second one here. So lets get started with the first five gift ideas I have for Fathers Day.   1/  10 Things I Love About My Dad Mug – This is a great personalised gift which you can… View Post

I remember sitting by Little Lady’s incubator day after day wondering what the future held for her. At that point we had no idea if she would survive the next day let alone have her whole life ahead of her. 9 weeks later when we took her home, there was a huge relief that came over me. We would be okay now, we had her home, she was over the worst of it. What I didn’t realise then was the journey that a premature baby then goes on once they have come home. In case you are reading this without… View Post