A very exciting package arrived at our door a couple of weeks ago from Little Tiger Press. I am always excited when we are given the chance to review their books. Back when I was 18 and working at the children’s library in central Birmingham I loved to read their books at story time. However, Little Man was extra chuffed with this particular book as it is all about different vehicles. In other words, Little Man’s favourite topic of all time. The book is called Red Car Blue Car from their My Little World series. As I said Little Man loves cars,… View Post

  Potty training is here. I tried once before a couple of months ago and it was apparent very quickly that Little Man was not ready. It had been in the back of my mind to start again so the weekend before last we took Little Man to Babies R Us to choose his own potty. He had decided he didn’t like the nice lime green Ikea potties we already had – toddler logic for you! This was my first mistake. He chose the all singing, all dancing Lightening McQueen (from the film Cars for anyone who doesn’t have a… View Post

  Welcome to my Bedtime Story of the Month series. When I am not being a Mummy or a Blogger I am a School Librarian for  load of teenagers. I see every day why it is so important to read to our little ones as early as possible. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference reading to and with your young children makes for them later in life. So with this in mind I thought I would begin to share some favourite books in our house Every month I will share a new story that we have been… View Post

Welcome to the area on my blog dedicated to post-natal anxiety. If you have found this page because you think you might be suffering from post-natal anxiety then please keep reading. But also if you are here because you are curious, please keep reading too. Post-natal anxiety is very easy to hide but horrible to go through so if you recognise any of the symptoms or experiences I talk about in a family member or friend you might be able to really help them or at least give them a hug.   I suffered with post-natal anxiety after the birth… View Post

When Chemist Direct offered me the opportunity to review their service I jumped at the chance. I love online shopping; it makes my life 10 times easier and whatever I can buy online I will. I hadn’t heard of Chemist Direct before so I was intrigued. Chemist Direct is exactly what it says on the tin – it is an online chemist. They provide services including an online doctor and prescription feature and the ability to buy medicines and toiletries online. The Chemist Direct website is really user friendly and I found my way around it straight away. With a… View Post