Ahhh the summer holidays, how I love them. I don’t have a child of school age yet and Little Man is in a private nursery so it doesn’t close for the holidays. However, I work in a school! I am a School Librarian. I don’t have all the holidays off like other school staff but I am only able to take my annual leave within the school holidays. Confused? Yes, me too. Anyway, out of the 6 weeks of school holidays, I have 3 off! This pleases me a lot, mainly for the reason that my house is a mess… View Post

When I first started blogging I didn’t know what a linkie was but everyone seemed to be linking up to them! After a bit of research I found out that they were for bloggers to link their posts to for others to read and comment on. I like the community that linkies encourage. You link your post up and then go and support others by commenting and sharing their posts and visa versa. I sometimes find it hard to link up to lots of linkies due to time but I try and do certain ones weekly. If you are new… View Post

I had a conversation with my Mum the other day about Little Man having a doll. He has always been into cars, planes, trains…you get the idea but I wondered if he would like a doll to play with too. Mum told me that she had my old doll in the loft, she would dig it out, clean him up and bring it over to save me buying one if Little Man wasn’t interested. I have fond memories of this doll. It was one of the big ones that were everywhere in the early 90s. I remember my Nan buying… View Post

If you haven’t heard of Penwizard before, they produce personalised books for kids. You can find a review of their wonderful Peppa Pig books here but this post is all about their potty training books. Little Man loves starring in books himself and is at potty training age so this was a great opportunity for us. The Penwizard website allows you to make the character as similar to your child as possible. You can choose from a pirate, prince or princess character; Little Man chose to be a pirate. The website is really easy to use and it is so… View Post

On August 20th I turn 30. I can’t wait to be honest, I’m really looking forward to heading into my 30s. I started my 20s at University in Aberwystyth, got a job and moved to Winchester after graduating and lived there for a bit. Then I moved back to good old Brum and in with a stinky boy, got married, bought a house, had a baby and now we are here. 2015 and preparing for my 30s. So much happened in my 20s, so many changes and a lot of growing up and changing. There are so many life lessons… View Post