One of my closest friends was my Great Auntie Joyce. She was my mums auntie and she was a huge part of my childhood. As I grew older and into my teenage years she became less of a grandmother figure and more of a friend. Despite her being 50+ years older than me, she was cool! When I was a child she lived in Wales and we would write to each other every couple of weeks, I would share all my secrets with her telling her about my worries, I would send her tape recordings of me singing or of my… View Post

  Thank you to the lovely Misunderstood Mummy for nominating me to do the A-Z of me tag! This was harder than I expected, I could think of loads of things for some letters but others I couldn’t think of any (U?!). So here’s a little bit more about me in the form of the alphabet! A – I don’t like to start with a negative but this would have to be for anxiety. I am in recovery from this now but post-natal anxiety has been a big part of my life for the past couple of years. B – I… View Post

Penwizard produce personalised books for kids including Peppa Pig books! When we were given the opportunity to have one for Little Man I was excited as this is right up my street! He is a big fan of Peppa Pig and I knew he would love starring in the book himself!! We have had these types of books before but what I wasn’t expecting was the feature where you can make a Peppa Pig character of your child – genius! The Penwizard website was easy to use and I really enjoyed making a mini Little Man! You choose a title… View Post

Welcome to my series based around parenting hacks. I love a good parenting hack, not because I am lazy or because I can’t be bothered to do activities with Little Man. I love them because sometimes things need doing and sometimes my toddler ‘helping’ me is not at all useful. My first parenting hack post is all about Cbeebies and why I am a fan. I know, I know if we put our toddlers in front of the screen too much, their eyes will turn square – I think Little Man would quite suit square eyes but that’s not the point. We… View Post

The dictionary definition of anxiety is: distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune. As I have said in previous posts one of the main reasons that anxiety took over me after I had Little Man was because I had a lot of time on my own or in the house just with Little Man. I am a worrier by nature but with a lot of time to think, the general worrying tendencies turned into full on anxiety about everything and everything. When I started blogging the only link I made with my anxiety was making… View Post