As I have mentioned in many posts my husband G works away; he usually leaves on a Monday morning and comes home late Thursday evening. This has always been something that Little Man has just accepted until recently. However, now he has started asking me where Daddy is and when I say he is at work, he asks me why. He is still too young to understand about Daddy earning the pennies and him having to stay away because his job takes him all over the country. I wanted to have something physical that Little Man could use to count… View Post

Today we visited Umberslade Farm. We visited here last Easter and had a great time but Little Man was a little young to participate in a lot of the activities. This time was great and we will definitely be visiting regularly from now on. Little Man was able to bottle feed a lamb, have a tractor ride and cuddle a guinea pig. Here is what we got up to in pictures. It is so hard to make time for family time like this sometimes that it makes me very happy when we do. Little Man had a wonderful time. I… View Post

I did an interview last week with the charity PANDAS (Pre & Postnatal Depression Advice & Support), they asked me a question based around social media affecting me or other mums with postnatal depression or anxiety. This really got me thinking. I didn’t really find that social media had any negative effect on my anxiety, however I can really see why they asked the question. When you take a photograph of your children with the intention of putting it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you don’t put the blurry or the miserable faced ones on. You put the happy, smiley, ‘we’re… View Post

So, the day I am writing this I am having a bad day. I was sat happily playing with Little Man and my anxiety hit me like a bus. I don’t often feel like this any more; most of the time if I do, it is under control within minutes but today has been a rubbish day. There is no particular reason it is here, in fact considering the week I am about to have I have less to trigger off my anxiety than normal but here it is anyway. Can’t say I am pleased to be reunited with it!… View Post

My Mum used to run a playgroup back in the late 80s and early 90s. She then went on to work as a Learning Support Assistant in a primary school. Because of this she has a wealth of great activities for kids up her sleeve. She visits every Monday and is often armed with wrapping paper tubes, baking ingredients or some other home made craft for Little Man to have a go at. It’s great! I thought I would share with you some pasta play that Little Man has been doing with her recently.    My Mum bought along dried… View Post