When I first decided to blog it was something for me, something for my anxiety soaked brain. I needed to write things to focus my brain and help distract me from any anxious feelings I was having. Now as the anxiety subsides I blog because I love it. In between needing it as part of my recovery I have completely fell head over heels for my blog and the blogging community. In the last couple of months I have started to take it all a bit more seriously with the intention of eventually it becoming more than a hobby. At… View Post

Welcome to my Bedtime Story of the Month series. When I am not being a Mummy or a Blogger I am a School Librarian for  load of teenagers. I see every day why it is so important to read to our little ones as early as possible. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference reading to and with your young children makes for them later in life. So with this in mind I thought I would begin to share some favourite books in our house Every month I will share a new story that we have been enjoying… View Post

Weaning Little Man was easy, he loved his food. In fact, weaning was one of the things I worried about. I’m not a very good cook so I was concerned that I would find it difficult to introduce new foods and flavours to him confidently. However, it was all fine. Little Man up until about 6 months ago was a star eater. People would comment on how well he would eat, how good he was sat at a table and how they wished their child would eat like mine. I smugly nodded and smiled and thanked my lucky stars he… View Post

Wow, I can’t believe we are nearly in July already, June has been a whirlwind! As always I am joining in with the wonderful Stevie at A Cornish Mum Blog. She is running a linky based around listing 10 things of anything but I love her idea of listing 10 things that you have loved each month. It is a really nice way of looking back over the month and all the lovely things that have happened. So, here are my 10 things for June. 1. Being Brave – I went for a job interview at the beginning of June. I have been… View Post

I started writing my blog just after Little Man turned 2 so I haven’t really touched on Little Man the baby! I thought I would start with sharing 5 things I couldn’t have done without when I had a newborn. Here we go. Ewan the Sheep – We purchased a Ewan at the Baby Show before Little Man was born. I was skeptical I have to admit but we used it from the get go. It was perfect for getting Little Man off to sleep especially after a night feed. It even helped to get me back off to sleep… View Post