Friday wasn’t a very good day. I had an anxiety attack in the middle of Thursday night. I don’t remember the last time I had one of them. As a result of it I didn’t feel very well on Friday morning and couldn’t go into work. G was home so was able to do nursery runs as usual for the morning and take on Little Man duties for the rest of the day. So I spent the majority of the day in bed feeling poorly and sorry for myself. As I have said in previous posts I almost feel anxiety… View Post

  Last Tuesday we had Little Man’s 2 year development check with the Health Visitors. He had had a similar type of review done at nursery when he turned 2 in October but I thought it was best to go along to this too, to ensure his medical records were kept up to date. I don’t know why but I always feel these checks are a little bit of an exam for us as parents. I’m sure that isn’t the aim of them at all but when your child is being examined to see what he can do, and it… View Post

I have been loving the 50 Things that Make Me Smile posts that have been flying around the blog world lately. It is so nice to read everyones happy things, I love that it is often the most simplest of things that can make someone smile in a day. The lovely Michelle over at Misunderstood Mummy has tagged me to take part so here goes. Here are my 50: Little Man’s laugh when I tickle him Little Man cuddles Thursday evenings (when G comes home) Writing lists Fresh bed linen A long shower The beach in the winter Caravan holidays… View Post

As I have mentioned in many posts my husband G works away; he usually leaves on a Monday morning and comes home late Thursday evening. This has always been something that Little Man has just accepted until recently. However, now he has started asking me where Daddy is and when I say he is at work, he asks me why. He is still too young to understand about Daddy earning the pennies and him having to stay away because his job takes him all over the country. I wanted to have something physical that Little Man could use to count… View Post

Today we visited Umberslade Farm. We visited here last Easter and had a great time but Little Man was a little young to participate in a lot of the activities. This time was great and we will definitely be visiting regularly from now on. Little Man was able to bottle feed a lamb, have a tractor ride and cuddle a guinea pig. Here is what we got up to in pictures. It is so hard to make time for family time like this sometimes that it makes me very happy when we do. Little Man had a wonderful time. I… View Post