Today is the 26th February 2015. Just another day but to G & I a very special date. On the 26th February 2005 we first met in my University town of Aberystwyth. On the 26th February 2010 we got married. So as you can tell it’s quite an important date on the calendar in our house. This year we are marking 10 years of being together (we had a slight blip around 2007 but we like to gloss over that) and 5 years of being married. Like everyone else says about their wedding day, ours was perfect. No, really it… View Post

Welcome back to my Bedtime Stories series. With 2 bedtime stories a day sometimes we are stacking up the books at the moment, but Little Man still has his firm favourites which I think I could read in my sleep! Here are 3 more we have been enjoying in the past week.   I Love My Daddy by Giles Andrews – This book has extra special meaning for us as G works away from home a lot. Little Man loves to see what the little boy in the story is doing with his Daddy and likes the fact that some… View Post

This is my most favourite place – Challaborough Bay in Devon. It is a Parkdean caravan park right on the beach and oh my what a beautiful beach it is. I call it my happy place. We first visited Challaborough Bay when I was around 34 weeks pregnant with Little Man. We were looking for a quiet, sunny beach holiday in the UK to spend some time together before our little man arrived. It was the perfect setting for this, the slower pace of life took over and we spent a chilled out week in a beautiful part of the country. We… View Post

New Years Eve always makes me very emotional, I’m not really sure why because I have never been one to set myself strict resolutions. But I always sit there as I clink my glass with G and think this year will be better; we will have more money, I will get rid of my anxiety completely, I will look like a super model and I will drive a Range Rover Evoque. By the 2nd January, I’m spending money, feeling nervous, I’ve put my pjs back on and I’m quite happy with my Seat Ibiza. That is usually it for me.… View Post