I have decided to join in with the wonderful Stevie at A Cornish Mum Blog. She is running a linky based around listing 10 things of anything but I love her idea of listing 10 things that you have loved each month. It is a really nice way of looking back over the month and all the lovely things that have happened. I love a bit of positivity. So, here are my 10 things for April. 1. Easter Bank Holiday – We had a lovely weekend of quality family time which is very precious in this house. We went on… View Post

Welcome to The Literal Toddler & Other Stories/Dramas. It is no secret that I think toddlers are awesome, I am loving this stage with Little Man. He is funny, cute, loving and, well, downright confusing. Okay, so I’ll admit; they’re not always awesome. Sometimes Little Man grinds my gears and sometimes I haven’t got a clue what he wants to hear. However, when you look back after the toddler related drama; sometimes it’s rather funny. Here are a few things that have happened lately which have made me giggle – inside you understand, I giggled inside for most of them… View Post

All of a sudden my little boy has become affectionate! It’s happened overnight really and is just magical. My heart literally bursts. Here is how it feels to have my toddlers love.   When you were a baby, you liked to lie alone, It made it kind of tricky to settle your crying tone. You weren’t a baby that liked to be held too much, But I knew it made things better if I gave you a gentle touch.   Now you’re a a toddler, a little boy you say, I noticed the difference only the other day. You asked me… View Post

Thank you to the lovely ladies over at Something Crunchy Mummy & My Life After Logan for my nominations for the Liebster Award (pop over to their blogs, they are both great). The Liebster Award, as I understand it is given to bloggers from bloggers. You are given 11 questions to answer (or in my case 22), you then nominate others and give them 11 questions too and so it continues. I love doing things like this so here goes.   My first set of questions are from Something Crunchy Mummy 1. How long have you been blogging? I have… View Post

When Little Manuel was still in my tummy, before we knew his gender he was going to be either a Heidi or a Noah. For a long time, they were definites. Then when we found out he was a boy we decided it was a no to Noah. The main reason was because we had heard of a lot of Noah’s being born recently. When I was at school my name, Rachel was really popular. There were so many Rachel’s in my year group and I was always Rachel B, not just Rachel. So after reading a lot of baby… View Post