Little Man & I have been reading two new books this week. They are Train by Judi Abbot and Zip It by Patricia Hegarty; they are both published by Little Tiger Press.   Zip It is a great interactive book based around introducing children to different types of fastenings. I don’t know about you but zips, buttons, poppers are often a headache in our house. Little Man likes to try and unzip his coat for example but often ends up frustrated when he can’t do it. On each page of this book there is a different type of fastening (zip,… View Post

I was going to do a ‘What’s in my bag’ blog but decided I would give vlogging a go instead. Here is my first ever vlog, I’m not really sure how I feel about the whole process but I would love to hear what you think! Feedback would be appreciated. Eeek, I’m scared! Enjoy!  

If you read my tweets you will know that World Book Day 2015 was a busy one for me. It is in fact one of my favourite days. Kids dress up as super cute book characters and we get to talk about reading all day, what’s not to love?! My World Book Day started at 7am dressing my 2 year old in a Tiger Who Came To Tea outfit, he is not a fan of costumes so my Mum helped me to make him a top with said tiger on. I say she helped me, she made it. I printed… View Post

Thank you to the lovely ladies over at Life With Little Men & A Little Lady and One Of Each Kind for my nominations for The One Lovely Blog Award.How it works; Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. Share 7 facts about yourself. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award. Right, 7 things about me. 1. I like elephants, I’m not sure why I do or where it came from but I have pictures of them all over the house! 2. I once had my hair chopped off – I once had a horrendous hair… View Post

G is just an ordinary 34 year old man and to look at our marriage from the outside you would see an ordinary couple. Although we have had a few ups and downs in our 10 years together and although we have had some testing times G is and always has been my rock. ‘Please don’t leave me’ I cried desperately one Monday morning as G was getting ready to go away for work. He calmly took me and our few week old baby back up to the bedroom, calmed me down, told me he would come home at any… View Post