In a blog post yesterday I told you about my plan to trawl through the thousands photos I have taken since Little Man came into our lives with the aim to make a photo album of all the most special photos for us to look through as a family. I started this morning and I promised I would share some so here’s a couple I found today.   Of course a very special photo is our first scan picture of our little man. This was such a special day for so many reasons, we had been trying for a baby… View Post

If I were to ask my parents for a baby photo or two of myself as a baby then they would climb into the loft whip out a few photo albums and we would sit and look at them. Easy. At the moment, if Little Man were to ask me the same thing I would pull out the laptop, tablet or phone and we would scroll through the numerous photos I take every day, some are perfect, some however are blurry or pictures of the floor that have been taken by accident! There is something lovely about sitting down with… View Post

Yesterday we went to Matalan to have a little mooch around. I absolutely love their kids ranges, lovely clothes at reasonable prices! I got 3 things for Little Man and here they are. Cable Knit Jumper – I love cable knit on toddlers, think it looks so cute and this green really suits Little Man. I don’t have a picture of this because it’s in his room and he is sleeping but you can find it here Blue Patterned Shirt – We have a birthday meal to go to next week and all of Little Man’s smart clothes no longer fit so… View Post

Welcome to the first in my Bedtime Stories series. I am a Librarian therefore it comes with the territory that I have always read with Little Man and he does have a genuine love for books. However recently I have introduced a proper bedtime storytime. He sits tucked up in bed and I sit next to him reading a story. I can honestly say it is my favourite part of our day, such a peaceful and special time for us to share. He has started to develop some favourites so I thought I would share them with you. Monkey Puzzle… View Post

The words ‘you’re having a big baby’ were words I heard from midwives too often in my pregnancy with Little Man. These words were often followed by ‘or it could all be water so don’t worry’. Then from others (because my bump was so big): ‘you sure there aren’t twins in there?’ and ‘you look like you’re about to pop, are you sure you’re only 30 weeks?’ Well that all scared the living hell out of me. I was a nervous first time mum, pregnant it seemed with this monster baby. So, was he big? You’re damn right he was,… View Post