I would like to share with you one of Little Man’s most favourite books at the moment. It is called ‘Driving my Tractor’, written by Jan Dobbins and illustrated by David Sim. The story follows a farmer driving his tractor around his farm and picking up lots of farm animals as he goes. Little Man loves to make the animal noises and responds really well to the illustrations. Not only do you get a fantastic story book but you also get a CD. On the CD is the story but the musical version! Little Man likes to have the CD… View Post

My husband G works away every week from Monday to Thursday evening. He has always done this and when we were a childless couple I used to love it! I mean who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds. I would have a couple of evenings out visiting friends and then one evening in in my pjs watching what I wanted to watch on Tv. Then Little Man came along and things changed. Suddenly the freedom of being able to go out in the evening was taken away and once the night feeding was finished and a long evening stretched… View Post

I never really intended this blog to be one about my anxiety as I didn’t really talk about it to anyone so writing about it is kind of strange. However, I have had such amazing feedback from the posts so far that it’s nice to write something that is helping others in the position I was in a year or so back. This is a bit more of a light hearted subject but really very important. I use a lot of techniques to manage my anxiety daily but I like to keep it in check too, not just attack it… View Post