If you have seen the news over the last couple of days you will probably have seen lots of articles surrounding The Royal College of Midwives new statement. This statement is basically saying that as long as a new Mum has been given all the information and support when it comes to feeding their baby they should be completely supported with whatever decision they make. This has been a long time coming in my opinion because although I don’t wish to go into the pros and cons of either breast or bottle feeding in this post I do believe that… View Post

Cleaning the house isn’t my favourite thing to do but it has to be done and when I’m doing it I like to use good products that I know will properly clean. I hate the thought of germs being in the house and although I know we can’t always avoid them I am a big fan of products that will wash those nasties away. Milton asked me to review some of their products and with their promise of their products of killing 99.9% of germs in seconds I was looking forward to giving them a go. You have probably already… View Post

I have had a couple of people recently message me on Instagram about their loved ones having anxiety and not knowing how to help them. When you suffer from anxiety it can completely overtake your life and it can become a very lonely experience. Having people around you that will support you and talk to you is one of the most important parts of steps to recovery. I know I wouldn’t have got where I am now in my recovery journey without good people around me. If you have never suffered from anxiety it can be hard to understand what… View Post

When it comes to the house I like to change it, I’m always thinking of new ideas or finding new decor ideas however big changes can come with a lot of time, effort and money thrown in so I’m a big fan of making small changes to make a big effect. I want to share with you 5 top tips on how to do this with the kids bedroom. Kids have phases or things they like and that’s sometimes hard to keep up with especially if they like to change the theme of their bedrooms. Here are my top 5… View Post

We had half term here last week and although I had lots of things planned a lot of them fell by the wayside for one reason or anofher. Apart from one lovely day with my best friend and her boys we didn’t really do a lot. I really struggle with the guilt of this. I worry that I’m not giving Little Man an exciting school holiday. Social media has a part to play because I see what every one else is doing and feel bad about not doing it. We had a lot of time in the house, some of… View Post