I never really intended this blog to be one about my anxiety as I didn’t really talk about it to anyone so writing about it is kind of strange. However, I have had such amazing feedback from the posts so far that it’s nice to write something that is helping others in the position I was in a year or so back. This is a bit more of a light hearted subject but really very important. I use a lot of techniques to manage my anxiety daily but I like to keep it in check too, not just attack it… View Post

To the people that stared at us today when my toddler was having a tantrum, I caught you all looking at me and my little boy today in the shop. I know you think I didn’t see your disapproving looks or hear your little comments to your friend. I’d like to clear a couple of things up. First of all maybe I should tell you why my toddler was having a tantrum. It was because I wouldn’t let him run around on his own flying his toy plane. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but if you had seen a… View Post

So, yet another first for me. My first link up for Point + Shoot. I have Mondays as one of my days off so its a little bit of an extension of the weekend for us. Yesterday, we went to Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire. It is a National Trust house and garden. My parents buy G & I memberships to the National Trust every year for our birthdays so it is great for a totally free afternoon out. The National Trust is sometimes perceived as places to go for the older folk but they are great for kids. Yesterday, we… View Post