Soon it will be Mothers Day, a day to show us Mums you care, But I would like to say to you son, I’m not sure Mothers Day is fair. You see, there’s no special day for you, my little man, A day for me to say to you that my life changed when we saw your scan.   So I am turning the tables, making this day for me and you, I know I tell you every day but just once more, I love you I do. There is a special place in my heart, that will only ever… View Post

  Introducing my husband G, he has written a post for me this week about how he feels about post-natal anxiety. A week away in the Lake District. Sounded a great idea; a week away from it all, relaxing. After 5½ hours sat in traffic on the M6 we had only covered the first 100 miles with another 100 left to get there. Little Man was being golden and Rachel was worrying about anything and everything that could go wrong. Where could we stop, would the crawling traffic allow us to pull in to a service area at the exact… View Post

Post natal depression and anxiety is something that is very close to my heart and after entering the blogging and twitter worlds it has amazed me how many women suffer from it. I suffered from Post natal anxiety after having my little boy and even though it is now under control I still have it with me every day. Having support, whether it be from loved ones or professionals is so important. I missed out on the professional support but am passionate about other people not having the same experience as me. PANDAS Foundation is a charity which helps women… View Post

Little Man & I have been reading two new books this week. They are Train by Judi Abbot and Zip It by Patricia Hegarty; they are both published by Little Tiger Press.   Zip It is a great interactive book based around introducing children to different types of fastenings. I don’t know about you but zips, buttons, poppers are often a headache in our house. Little Man likes to try and unzip his coat for example but often ends up frustrated when he can’t do it. On each page of this book there is a different type of fastening (zip,… View Post

I was going to do a ‘What’s in my bag’ blog but decided I would give vlogging a go instead. Here is my first ever vlog, I’m not really sure how I feel about the whole process but I would love to hear what you think! Feedback would be appreciated. Eeek, I’m scared! Enjoy!