I have been collecting some new tops for Little Man to get his wardrobe ready for spring/summer and thought I would share them with you in a vlog. Please give my channel a visit and subscribe if you like what you see so far, I am obviously very new to YouTube but I would really appreciate a like! I do have to apologise about my hair, I did not know it was such a mess at the back so ignore that! I need to remember when I am vlogging that people can see me! Here are the links to some… View Post

 Little Man & I have been reading a new book this week. It’s called Thank You – My First Book of Manners published by Little Tiger Press. I am a big fan of Little Tiger Press so was thrilled to receive this. Manners are at the top of my list when it comes to teaching Little Man new things at the moment. I am forever telling him to thank people for things, to say please and excuse me when he barges past so this book was a great addition to our bookshelf. The story is based around a puppy whose… View Post

I am joining in with a new linky hosted by Nicola at Life Through My Eyes called Mummy & Me. It is all based around sharing pictures of you and your children. G is rubbish at taking photos of me & Little Man together so I’m a big selfie lover. However, he did take one of us when we went for a coffee yesterday, although Little Man is pulling a grumpy face, it makes me laugh as he is stuffing his face full of gingerbread!!!    

**Slight Rant Alert** I read an article once asking me what sort of Mum I was, there were all sorts of examples like: Stay at home mum Working mum Part time working mum Home schooling mum Model mum Gym mum Lazy mum. The list was endless. Well Mr Journalist Man you certainly succeeded in how to offend every mum on the entire planet at once. I sat there scrutinizing all the categories, I was a new mum at the time and desperately scanned through the writing to find which one I fitted into. There were, of course great attributes and… View Post

Today I have a guest post from the wonderful Morna at Awesome Austerity. She has written a great post about how life really is with a second child. The decision whether to have a second child is something that plays on my mind a lot so this a great post for me personally to read and to share with you too. So here is Morna with more.   Hi Everyone, I’m Morna from Awesome Austerity.  When Rachel and I discussed me posting on her lovely blog I wanted to find a topic which would fit in well with some of… View Post