I don’t think I know of one toddler who doesn’t like the Gruffalo stories. I know Little Man loves them as do his little friends at nursery. A while back my Dad found out that the Forestry Commission had set up Gruffalo trails around the country so off we went one chilly Monday morning to find him. As I said this was a while back now but I wanted to share it with you all because I noticed they finish in February and if you haven’t been yet its well worth a visit. We visited our local Wyre Forest but… View Post

I am joining in with my first ever linky. I know, I feel very ‘in the know’ about blog things right now *pats myself on the back. Anyway, here is what Little Man is wearing today. Tshirt – Tesco Jumper – M&S Skinny Jeans – M&S Excuse his staring at the telly face!! If you would like to join in with this linky, you can at http://www.knottbumpandus.com/ and http://firsttimemummy.com/.I love seeing all the little people clothes out there and getting some style ideas.

Last week I posted about post-natal anxiety, I only ever planned to do one post about it but it’s had such a great response I wondered if there was more to be said on the subject. Today I want to talk about things or techniques that I found really useful when I was going through the worst of it. Relaxation When the GP told me to look into relaxation techniques I nearly laughed him out of his own surgery. I mean, relax?! Surely the whole anxiety thing meant I didn’t relax. Ever. Well that’s what it felt like anyway. But… View Post

Yesterday I felt myself and Little Man needed to get out of the house, I have Mondays and Tuesdays at home with Little Man and we had stayed in all day Monday. We have a park on our estate and I decided we would walk there. One problem, it was cold, freezing in fact and Little Man has recently decided he is allergic to wearing hats, wellies and gloves so the prospect of getting him ready for our walk did not fill me with glee. I tried the ‘lets be completely normal approach’ – “do you want to put your… View Post

Before I start this post, I don’t claim to know anything about post-natal anxiety from a medical background, I just wanted to tell you about my experiences. 26th January 2012 was the day that I found out I was pregnant. I have wanted to be a Mummy since I can remember, I loved having a career but in my heart of hearts having a family of my own was the most important thing to me. I enjoyed pregnancy (as much as you can) and like many other Mums had quite a difficult birth but we all came out of it… View Post