So, yet another first for me. My first link up for Point + Shoot. I have Mondays as one of my days off so its a little bit of an extension of the weekend for us. Yesterday, we went to Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire. It is a National Trust house and garden. My parents buy G & I memberships to the National Trust every year for our birthdays so it is great for a totally free afternoon out. The National Trust is sometimes perceived as places to go for the older folk but they are great for kids. Yesterday, we… View Post

For some people the decision to have a second baby is based around finances, house sizes or work commitments but for other people like me it is about the fear of not being able to cope, it’s about my anxiety. As I have said in other blogs I suffered from post-natal anxiety after I had Little Man. It was a scary time, not just for me but for the people around me as we didn’t really understand what was happening or why. Little Man is 2 now, he brings me so much joy and happiness and I adore being a… View Post

It has been nearly 18 months  since I went back to work after having my little boy, Little Man and also since Little Man started nursery. I had read all of the articles about separation anxiety, making the transition as smooth as possible, etc but nothing could prepare me for the morning when I dropped Little Man off. In we went, me checking the changing bag for the 100th time to make sure I’d not forgotten his bottles and him looking at this big exciting building eyes wide. I handed him over and then…he crawled off. Yes, he crawled off.… View Post