Tuesday is my day off, today we had a busy morning but after Little Man’s nap we did good old fashioned toddler stuff! The beauty of doing these sort of activities is that they’re not simple pleasures to Little Man. We spent some time in the garden; he loved being able to run around, really enjoyed stomping in the leaves and hid behind our shed…a lot!   When it was time to warm up we got the playdoh out and Little Man sat for a good half an hour mesmerized by the little spaghetti making machine catching the ‘wiggly worms’.… View Post

Welcome back to my Bedtime Stories series. Little Man is having a story before his afternoon nap and his bedtime sleep so we are really getting through his collection of stories at the moment. So here are 3 more we have been enjoying in the last week or so.  Mo’s Smelly Jumper by David Bedford – This has become a firm favourite of Little Man’s, I have read it twice just today. It’s all based around Mo the monkey who’s Mum is trying to get his smelly jumper off him to watch. Little Man understands the humour in this book and… View Post

So the day came when I looked at my slightly scarecrow like son and decided we needed a professional to have a go at his rather sticky out crazy locks. My Mum had given him a quick snips here and there with the nail scissors ( we were too scared to use anything else!) but it was getting a bit desperate so I asked my Mum if I could come along to see her hairdresser. Mums hairdresser is a mobile hairdresser and cuts my Mums and Nans hair in my Nans kitchen. This would definitely be my first tip. Mobile… View Post

I don’t think I know of one toddler who doesn’t like the Gruffalo stories. I know Little Man loves them as do his little friends at nursery. A while back my Dad found out that the Forestry Commission had set up Gruffalo trails around the country so off we went one chilly Monday morning to find him. As I said this was a while back now but I wanted to share it with you all because I noticed they finish in February and if you haven’t been yet its well worth a visit. We visited our local Wyre Forest but… View Post

I am joining in with my first ever linky. I know, I feel very ‘in the know’ about blog things right now *pats myself on the back. Anyway, here is what Little Man is wearing today. Tshirt – Tesco Jumper – M&S Skinny Jeans – M&S Excuse his staring at the telly face!! If you would like to join in with this linky, you can at http://www.knottbumpandus.com/ and http://firsttimemummy.com/.I love seeing all the little people clothes out there and getting some style ideas.